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  1. B

    New here, looking to cater

    Hello All, I'm a bit of a transplant from another forum that has kind of dried up. I have some very basic questions about possible catering... I am thinking about selling some BBQ. I don't know that I would say I am considering "catering" just yet, so much as finding a good spot to set up...
  2. Bauer's BBQ

    Catering in MN. NEED HELP!!

    I really want to get approved and start catering in the state of MN. I do not own a restaurant or a food truck. I have a few questions I need help with below. I already registered my name and have insurance. I already have several commercially certified kitchens I can use to prep the food. I own...
  3. K

    Needing advice, what to charge for pulled pork?

    so, I started smoking/cooking for potlucks at work. Now, I have other departments asking me to do this for them. I have pulled pork down to a good place. I make coleslaw and potato salad pretty good too. What should I charge for the pulled pork? I get two 11 lb Boston Butts for $23.00. It...
  4. L

    NSF Certified Smokers

    I am looking to start a catering business in MA. I was just informed by the local Health Board that they will only grant certification and licensing for the business if I am using a NSF certified smoker. I am hoping to find a fairly large unit on a trailer that is NSF certified. I thought I...
  5. shawnthomas

    cooking for hire(kinda)???

    Had a guy I know(not a close friend) ask me to smoke some meat for him for a birthday party. I have not ever cooked for any large groups other than my own family or personal parties. I am not licensed and not looking to get into catering. I figure the cost of meat i will have receipt. He want...
  6. Norm Kopesky @ CBM

    New BBQ restaurant in the works

    Good morning Wisconsin, My brother and I are spooling up for a restaurant space, we have farted around making central Texas style bbq for a couple years now and thought we would give it a go. We are currently running (1) 500 gallon homemade offset stick burner and (1) 1000 gallon homemade offset...
  7. modernmanbbq

    Chicken for a wedding.

    Hello, I'm being asked to do a wedding this Fall for 200 people. They want me to do chicken thighs and macaroni and cheese. I don't have all the details but I'm assuming there is going to be other meat and sides offered. How much food should I plan for?
  8. shawnermctasty

    How much Brisket to feed 150 people?

    Hello, My friend is looking to have his wedding catered with BBQ Brisket and was asking me how many briskets would be needed to feed 150 people. Any thoughts? I made a 14 Lb. brisket a last summer that fed at least 8 people when cut in full width slices if I recall correctly. I know this could...
  9. travisty

    Smoke Hollow SH3616DW ???? Anyone use this?

    Hey, So I have been doing some catering on the side, and I am looking to add a cheap yet effective unit with a good amount of real estate. A sort of "Best Bang" situation until I can start making enough money to get something more commercial. I currently use a YS640 and a Traeger Pro 34, and I...
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