brisket fail

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  1. simpstasmoke

    Fire went out on Brisket - not sure when, doh!

    Hey y’all!! I was smoking a ~10lb brisket overnight and woke up to no fire (I ran out of fuel like a dope). I estimate the fire ran for no less than 4 hours, possibly up to 8 hours set at 225 degrees. It’s snowing here in Colorado so when I woke up internal temp was 85 degrees, there was a good...
  2. M

    Brisket Temps, where?

    Planning to smoke up a 12.25lb brisket for Sunday dinner. It has been a while and looking at a few notes I've made for past attempts a question has presented itself. In past cooks, the temp of the flat was different from the point. If the temp of the point is at 195+/- the flat was at 205...
  3. BBQBakas

    FAIL: 17-pound brisket - what did I do wrong?

    Just joined SMB after almost 10 years of coming to the forum and getting advice. I've been smoking meat since 2009 and have learned a lot from this site. I started with a $75 upright wood smoker from Home Depot, then graduated to a Camp Chef pellet smoker from 2014-2019. This year I stepped up...
  4. N

    Hit a problem with smoking brisket

    Hi, I’m new to this forum but I was hoping some Good Samaritan would answer my question.. I smoked a brisket yesterday for about 4hrs in 110C till IT reached 65C, it developed a beautiful bark and smelt Devine. I then transferred the brisket into the oven at 110C to steam (I put it on top of a...