beef jerky

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  1. CrazedOccultist

    My Teriyaki Jerky Recipe

    While shopping at my local thrift store a few months ago, I happened to find a brand new Cuisinart DHR-20 for about $20, still in box w/ factory seals on the power cord. After tinkering around with various sauces and spices, this is my home prepped jerky recipe(no cure in this one yet, since it...
  2. Peteyg

    New member - Texas Beef Jerky Producer - BULK

    Hey All, Pete here with BULK, we smoke a ton of jerky in our USDA plant in Johnson City TX. I like smoking all sorts of meats / fish, I'm here to give my knowledge and come up with new jerky and smoked meat recipes.
  3. thirdeye

    Dry Cured Jerked Beef

    Yesterday I smoke dried a couple of batches of jerky in my Big Chief box smoker. Because it's thin, the dry cure time is only 25 to 30 hours, and for flavor I used some homemade garlic pepper seasoning. I'm using pecan pellets from A-Maze-N, and for me.... they work much better than...
  4. THutson67

    Jerky morning, cheesy afternoon

    This was my Thursday. Jerky, about 2 pieces left and the cheese is sitting in the fridge (tightly plastic wrapped in a ziplock) until the 24th... So I have no idea how it came out yet. That 7 day wait is a bummer! Store brand cheese, cut longways, Swiss, Mozzarella, and mild cheddar. Hope it...
  5. C

    Making beef jerky

    I have a Camp Chef Woodwind WiFi 36. I bought the jerky racks the other day but didn’t realize til now that they are for the Camp Chef SmokePro. Can I use the SmokePro jerky racks I. The Woodwind? And is there an easier way to make them fit without having to remove anything from my smoker?
  6. J

    Rehydrate again at a later date

    Hey guys, So I purchased the Nesco snack-master dehydrater on Amazon and made an amazing marinade that my eye of round soaked in for 24 hours. I stuck it in the dehydrater and 2 hours in the dehydrater seized and was unable to turn back on. With that being said, I packed up my...