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  1. scrumtiousruckingBBQ

    Getting better bark in mailbox modded MES30

    Any tips for getting better bark in an MES30 with mailbox mod and AMNPS? I've done 4 rib cooks and 1 pork butt, and i'm having trouble getting consistent bark without skipping a wrap stage. For instance, the ribs I made yesterday were on the smoke for 6 hours straight, no wrap. The bark was...
  2. G

    Brisket bark

    Hi guys, Smoking a brisket for dinner tonight. Cooked for 4 fours last night at 250 with consistent temperature and smoke flowing well. Plan is to finish in the oven tonight for dinner. Have done this before and it works ok. Problem I have is the bark didn't form like it normally does. Not...
  3. D

    Why is my bark bitter.

    Hey folks. I'm new to the forums. I've been smoking various meats on an electric smoker called "smokin-it II" for a few years now. The meat always is tender and it turns out well except that the bark is usually bitter. For example: I smoked a brisket yesterday. meat was rubbed down with a light...
  4. M

    New Guy Bisket Question

    Hey everyone! I'm new to the smoking game and currently using a Masterbuilt Portable gas smoker (gift from in-laws). I've done a few cooks (chuck roast and brisket point) but I can't seem to get a good bark. My question is if I keep having to replace my wood chips every half hour, and opening...
  5. C

    Brisket! First time not wrapping...

    Greetings all, Planing to cut the point off a brisket and smoke it (the rest of the brisket will be pastrami) unwrapped. This will be my first unwrapped brisket. I have a MES. Does anyone have any advice when smoking unwrapped in an electric smoker? Does anyone use a “boat”? I am planing to...
  6. murfinator55

    Too much bark on my Bark,

    Hi all, So my goal is to get competition grade ribs. My problem is I'm getting too much bark and the ribs get the bitter flavor and too dry. Why would this be? I've added sauce before I put them in foil in the past is this causing the bark build up?
  7. LonghornMick

    Fat Drip on Bark

    I just purchased a Stump's Smoker/trailer and pick it up in 2 weeks. I have historically used a Horizon stick burner with only 1 shelf and all the grease drips to the bottom - no impact on the bark. I bought this to do more competitions and, since the Stump's Smokers are boxes and have layered...
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