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    Low Sodium?Nitrate Salami?

    Cool. Thanks! Love the avatar of Justin, BTW!
  2. uberhack

    Low Sodium?Nitrate Salami?

    Hi Gang, I smoked up some no-casing salami a couple of weeks ago using a spice mix I picked up at Cabela's. It was mighty tasty and would love to do it again. However, the sodium content in the mix is super high.  Does anyone have a resource for a low-sodium salami recipe? I tried a search and...
  3. uberhack

    Masterbuilt Can't Stay Lit in Wind

    I'm on my first rib smoke with my new Masterbuilt Sportsman Elite 40". It's a pretty gusty day here in Colorado. I'm having a hell of a time keeping the darn thing lit! It's kind of freaking me out as we have a party tonight. Any tips for keeping it lit? I have pieces of plywood surrounding the...
  4. uberhack

    Masterbuilt Door Leakage

    Hi gang, I just picked up a new Materbuilt 40" from Cabelas. It's seasoning right now and I'm seeing a pretty good amount of smoke escaping around the door. Has anyone dealt with this? I'm thinking there must be a heat resistant gasket that ago in there. Thanks in advance.
  5. uberhack

    Insulate my smoker. Ideas?

    I'm a welder blanket guy, but my brother in law uses fire bricks in his Traeger during cold weather. His definition of "cold weather" is very different from mine though. He's in San Francisco and I'm in Colorado. Anyone else tried the fire bricks?
  6. uberhack

    Smoked Chicken Wings with pictures

    Wowowowoww. Gotta try this one! Looks fantastic!
  7. uberhack


    I know I'm a year late to this party, but I thought I'd bring a variation to this. My mom used to make braciole using the flank steak with bacon and onions rolled inside. She'd brown them then finish in a brown gravy. Thinking of modifying that for the smoker.
  8. uberhack

    Twiced Smoked Taters - Make Ahead?

    Great idea! Extra spuds purchased.
  9. uberhack

    Anyone have GREAT recipes for smoking Turkey?

    I just have to say that I've used the Slughterhouse technique for the past couple of years and it has always been a slam-dunk. I know this year will be the same. The page for this post is a permanent bookmark. Thanks!
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    Twiced Smoked Taters - Make Ahead?

    I saw some great suggestions for making twice-smoked taters. Has anyone tried making these ahead of time? I'm thinking smoking the spuds, scooping and making the mix the day before thanksgiving. On turkey-day I'll finish them off. Any thoughts or warnings?
  11. uberhack

    Smoked tomatoes and jalapeños, any ideas?

    I know this is really late to the party, but I saw one of the chefs on Iron Chef America make a pick de gallo with smoked tomatoes. Sounded delicious. Might try making some as an appetizer for Thanksgiving.
  12. uberhack

    Partially Frozen Turkey Breast

    I was watching Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives the other day and he went a place in KC that does smoked turkey breast. The catch was, the guy doesn't brine it at all. Instead he puts in tin the smoker partially frozen. Anyone have experience with this? Just curious. From what they were saying there...
  13. IMG_0362a.jpg


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    Pork Shoulder Resting Time

    Hi Gang. I have a nice shoulder finishing in the oven right now. Big thanks to meowey and his guide in the Pork Sticky section. My house smells incredible! My question is, how long can I leave it to rest wrapped up in the foil-towels-cooler stage? I'm not sure I'll be able to pull it until...
  15. uberhack

    Mountain Man Breakfast

    Wow. I need to do that at the next Cub Scout camp-out!
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