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  • Thanks for the welcome Jeff. I'm impressed with the site so far. Looking forward to a smoking good time.
    Hello Jeff, sounds like we have a lot in common. I'm a meat smokin, guitar playin ,family man. Always looking to learn more about the things I love!!
    Hey Jeff I finally got online. Glad to be here I am not much of a computer guy. But I am here now so thank you for the welcome. By the way I got your book for fathers day's. I am starting to get it to. Does your rub and sauces recipes are the in the book
    Hey Jeff
    I haven't found my way way around the whole site yet but as I'm new can you tell me please what is QView? I sit something I have to download. I have procured a piece of equipment that I intend to convert to a smoker and would like to put a couple of photos up for comment.

    Hi Jeff, didn't get chapter 4. Went from 3 to 5. Could you please send 4 to me? Thanks
    Hello TulsaJeff, My name is Mr Kim Miller aka KIMBRO I've been grilling & smoking food for a while now. I just so happen to see a post so I just gave a little idea on how I crisp the skin of a chicken on a smoker. Using the indirect method. I'm currently looking for a location to open a BBQ shack now ..I live in Maryland I love it here wish me luck....
    I Jeff. My name is John and I'm new to smoking. Bought the SH 44 and smoked my first butt on the 31st. Turned out great using your recipe's and directions. Thanks for a great site.
    Hello Jeff. My name is Clay i live in teh Pittsburgh area. IO recently bought a Masterbuilt elecrtic smoker. I am new to the art of smoking and want to learn as much as i can about it.
    Hi Jeff, With such a succesful website and now book of your own have you ever considered designing a iphone app or a smartphone friendly version of the website?

    Very dissatisfied with my brink man barrel smoker. I can't control temp.,no place for water pan,very hard to add fuel without disturbing meat. What other kind of smoker does anyone suggest me to try? What is opinions on electric smokers.
    Can't control heat in barrel smoker. Started with charcoal ( approx. 12 briquettes) when turned to embers added presoaked wood. Temp hit over 300. Vent was closed. Then dropped a lot added a few fresh briquettes and it rose high again. Any suggestions?
    Hi Jeff,

    I have had only limited success smoking brisket. The flavor and texture is good but using the rule of thumb of 1 1/2 hours per pound @ 225°-230° the brisket is till tough and a little chewy.

    For a 6 pounder I use a modified 3-2-1 method. 4 hours in smoker, 3 hours in foil (in smoker), 2 hours back in smoker.

    I know that longer cooking times yield more tender meat. So I had an idea and wonder if anyone out there has tried this or something similar.

    Start the night before and smoke the brisket for 8 - 9 hours at 180° - 190° THEN
    go thru the full 9 hours at 225°-230° (4 hours in smoker, 3 hours in foil (in smoker), 2 hours back in smoker.)

    Do you think that would help tenderize the brisket? Any other ideas or suggestions will be appreciated.


    Steve Mishket
    Salmonsmoker new member. From MN. Have two propane smokers. 63 and retired. Have smoke pork,brisket,chicken, fish,etc. Now in Az til April 1. Looking for recipes for making and smoking sausages of different types.
    Hey Jeff, thankya for the kind welcome. The site looks awsome. I tried the first two articles i seen here and they were fantastic I've been using your recipes instead of my own and they are great. Keep up the good work man.
    Hi from Atlanta, GA. My hubby Joe and me just got a Brinkman Grill/Smoker, gas. We love it! Football and something on the smoker is a winner in this house! We tried a boston butt and this week chickens. The first butt was divine but the second one the cut was so fatty.This weekends chickens rocked! Looking forward to learning what we can from you guys! thanks for having us:)
    You crack me up!! Just noticed you added a premier newbie tag under my screen name!! I'm still laughing me arse off!
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