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  • I don't have a face book page but would like to enter the contest. I'll be smoking St. Louis style ribs and pork butt.
    Hiya Jeff, Hope you are OK. I was looking through the smiley faces and noticed there are no avatars with the UK flag on. Is there any chance of having some avatars or clipart with the Union Jack flag on them please. Thanks

    Hello Jeff, thank you for your message. What a web site! Lots to learn and grow with. Just starting out, looking for good equipment. I am looking for something that is no longer made, like the older stuff. I am looking for a Browning QB80 Denali 4 Burner Grill, if you know someone who has one to sell, please send them my way! And also what accessories go wel lwith it and how to some with mesquite! Thanks!MH
    How do I upload photos. I'm doing an all night 2 briskets and a prime rib roast early in morning and want to share photos. Help please thanks.
    I am learning how to smoke on my mastercheif . today I am going to try eggs, pecans, almonds, and chili petines all at same time. what temp do suggest?
    Jeff, Thank you and your fellow followers for the warm welcome. My first question would be to all, Did anyone every use the Charbroil big easy infared turkey/ rib frier with Jeffs rubs and sauces. Thanks
    Thanks for the welcome. I''m a newbie to forums in general, but I've got an IPad and I' ready to learn. I have the MES 40 and so far everything I' smoked turned out decent, but I'm looking for more help with specifics like temps and times for different meats. Would like to try my hand and smoking my own deer sausage. I did some jerky and was very pleased with the results. Thanks again for the welcome.
    Jeff: read the burnt ends recipe in the letter and have a question. Why do you get ribs to 170, remove and cut into chunks then? would it have the same effect if you injected each of the ribs separately, then cut into cubes and back it for temp to 190-200. Just curious.
    Hi Jeff, Great site & very informative!! I also was wondering if we could add a new group to the list? There seems to be many of us here that own use vertical gas smokers such as the Masterbuilt GS30D, MB 40XL, Landsman, etc. Any chance we could have our own group? If there is one already, I didn't see it. Also, how about a group for us Marylanders? Thanks for the site & all of the recipes & information.
    Hi Jeff.
    I'm Roy from sunny Australia ( Bundaberg ) Just started smoking meat and fish and not liking it yet ,reason being I suppose it not being done properly But hey I'm going to keep trying.( with the help of my friends ) that song just came to mind. ok will go to the forum. hooroo
    I have an acronym that I think may need to be added to your list of acronyms (article). What does SQWIB mean? Here is the reference sentence: Basic Pulled Pork according to SQWIB
    Thanks for the welcome, glads to be here. From SE Alabama and make the the famous Carpenter Be Trap while I'm smokin or grillin.
    My 13 lb turkey is at 160 after only 3 hrs. Seems my smoker temp gauge is reading about 100 degrees low. Could it really be done that quick? Seems I have been smoking at 350 ish. What should I do?
    Hi Jeff, thankyou for the welcome. I live on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland Australia, previously from Christchurch NewZealand where I used to smoke a lot of fish, just getting into smoking meat and find it Quiet facinating also find your forum a great way of learning new techniques.
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