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    Change passwords

    Change passwords
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    Bacon Wrapped Meatloafsomething

    When I made the weave it didn’t look like it would cover a whole 2lbs. I had extra bacon, because you can never have enough bacon, so I made another weave and split the meat in half. Thanks for the tips and aculades everyone. I will try a lower heat next time.
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    Bacon Wrapped Meatloafsomething

    Smoking a meat loaf is something I have wanted to try for a while. Also I have wanted to try weaving bacon. I was really surprised how easy it was to put together and even more surprised how fast it smoked. I can’t stress how surprised how fast it cooked up. I made a meat loaf mixture with 2...
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    Smokin some meatloaf

    This looks great! I think I will give it a try this weekend! At what point did you sauce them up?
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    Turkey breast was a success

    Another tip for a quicker clean up. I remove all the racks that I’m not using. Less to clean up in the end.
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    Turkey breast was a success

    I wash the racks water pan as mentioned above. I line the water pan and the drip tray with aluminum foil. If it gets all gunked up I change it out. As far as the interior is I use a water vinegar mix in a spray bottle to wipe it down if I start getting a lot build up inside. This works better...
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    turkey brine

    Thanks Tip! This was a hit tonight with the family. It worked out great, except I have way too much spray left. Can I freeze it?
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    Basic Pulled Pork Smoke

    I used your instructions today, smoked an 8 lbs butt for a party this weekend. The weather has changed, winter is finally here in upstate NY so I thought it was best to do it today when I had all day to watch it. It worked great! Nice flavor and color, the bone just fell out. Most importantly...
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    First Time Smoker

    Oh yes! Very familiar with thw West Rochester area. Went to college and have worked with a few people from, Greece. Gates, Chilli, Churchvile, etc... Also we spend some time plying the waters of Lake Ontario, and the Genesse.
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    First Time Smoker

    Thank you. Boston NY.
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    First Time Smoker

    Thank you
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    First Time Smoker

    Good morning everyone, My name is Tom, and I'm from Western New York. After years of taking meat to a friend, and experimenting a little on my gas grill, indecided to get my own smoker. Started of small with a Masterbuilt Electric smoker, with plans on getting to know the basics. Maybe someday...