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  1. time916

    Thoughts on the XL Big Green Egg?

    The link changed to  http://redirectingat.com    when I wwhen I when I went to    http://www.ceramicgrillstore.com/ceramicgrillstore/   .  If you go out to the site, at least on Internet Explorer, you can see it change to redirectingat.com for just a second, then it reverts back to...
  2. time916

    Thoughts on the XL Big Green Egg?

    Hey everyone, thanks for sharing your thoughts.  I really appreciate it.  I knew I signed up with the right site! I think the consensus is it's an excellent rig, there are alternatives, but if I'm willing to spend the money, I'll get what I paid for... Ellymae, the only reason I'm considering...
  3. time916

    Thoughts on the XL Big Green Egg?

    Hi all, I'm looking to upgrade to a smoker I can use all year long.  I currently have a Bradley Digital which does a pretty good job most of the time, but is a little unstable and has a hard time maintaining temp - especially when it's cold or windy.  Cook times are pretty erratic, and I could...
  4. time916

    eSmoking has been achieved!

    Truly amazing dude!  What a use for technology!  Forget spreadsheets, gaming and all the other painful uses for computers..  Now if you can just figure out a way to transport the meat from the fridge to the smoker... hmm
  5. time916

    New user, new Smoker-- think i've narrowed it to two smokers

    Hi Strecker25 and all... I picked up the Bradley 4 rack Digital Smoker about 5 weeks ago. I really enjoy good BBQ as my belly will testify... Anyway, I've actually been pretty impressed with the smoker and with the "pucks".  The wood used is clean, so the resulting smoke is nothing but that -...
  6. time916

    Pork tenderloin?

    This may be heresy, but I've read in a few places that pork loin is not a good candidate for smoking - I guess mainly because it tends to be a pretty lean cut of meat.  It doesn't lend itself to a long slow smoke.  It just dries out.  Grilling seems to be the method of choice because it cooks...
  7. time916

    Chicken: My New Frontier!

    Hi Quagmire38. I'm no expert here - actually just a noob -, though I'm trying to learn from my mistakes. I just thought I'd share my experience.  I did a chicken for my first foray into smoking.  I use an electric smoker - the Bradley Digital 4 rack. I'm writing this from memory.  I've decided...
  8. time916

    Wow! Nice Site!

    Hi all, My name is Tim, and I'm very new to the world of smoking stuff that you eat... I've been at it for about a month, but work gets in the way.  I've done a chicken (fail), a pork butt (OK), a small brisket (OK) and a Tri-Tip (Winner!)... course it's almost impossible to screw up a...
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