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    New Member

    Welcome to the forum. I hope you enjoy your stay. Chuck
  2. stovebolt

    First time curing and bacon!

    You are on your way. Keep us posted. Chuck
  3. stovebolt

    How I lost my teeth...

    Good one Dave. Chuck
  4. stovebolt

    Back (Canadian) Bacon

    Another fine post. I Know it's back bacon, but if I call it that nobody knows what I'm talking about. Point! Chuck
  5. stovebolt

    Cold Weather Smoking

    Looks good. Should work fine for you. Chuck
  6. stovebolt

    New from Missouri

     Welcome to the forum, Maggie. I hope you enjoy your time here. Chuck
  7. stovebolt

    Meat grinder

     Several of us on the forum own the Kitchener #12 electric grinder from Northern Tool. I have never heard anyone complain about them. I have not used mine much, but it worked great when I did. Chuck
  8. stovebolt

    Chef Jimmy J benched

     Hoping for a quick recovery. Will miss you until then. Chuck
  9. stovebolt

    Sausage after butchering!

     Looks like great work. I really like your taste in beer. Chuck
  10. stovebolt

    Hello all you Meat Smokers out there!

     Welcome to the forum. I hope you enjoy your time here. Chuck
  11. stovebolt

    Finally—-Eye Round in the SV (Fork Tender!!)

     Great post as usual. Point for you. Chuck
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    Salt Brining Tips

    Well done. Point for you. Chuck
  13. stovebolt


     You will need to post the procedure you used for anyone to offer meaningful help. Chuck
  14. stovebolt

    Smoking my first 13lb butt! My plan!

     OMG that is one big butt.   I agree with Doughboy B, I always cook butts a day ahead so there is no surprises getting it done on time, then warm it to serve. Tastes  just as good as if it was just cooked and takes away all of the stress. Chuck.
  15. stovebolt

    Smoking my first 13lb butt! My plan!

     That's pretty big. Are you sure it's not 2 butts in cryovac pack? Chuck