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  1. srivera1965

    Pulled pork, fried rice, and ribs

    Pulled pork with fried rice...what an EXCELLENT idea!!! I am DEFINITELY going to make that real soon! Thanks for sharing! I too have been out of the loop for awhile, but I'm coming back. I really miss this forum. Time to get to smokikn' again!
  2. srivera1965

    My 2nd Briskey with Q view!!

    Bee-yoo-tee-full!!! How big of a briskey was this (weight)? I'm doing one tomorrow (my first) and I'm going shopping in a couple of hours to get one.
  3. srivera1965


    Hey guys, I'm going to do my first ham this weekend for my wife's office Christmas party. Here's the scenario: I am planning on smoking it this Sunday and her party will be Monday evening. I have to work on Monday, so no time to do any cooking that day. So what I'm asking for - and Mark, your...
  4. srivera1965

    20lb turky breast

    Dude...turkey or OSTRICH!?!?!?!?! j/k I'm actually smoking a 19lb bird. I did a 14 lb'r just recently and it came out great, but as mballi3011 said, I'll start smoking this one at 300 until it hits 140 degrees in 4 hrs, then back it down to 275 and maintain it at that temp until it's done. I...
  5. srivera1965

    Chuckie - Puff Pastry Rolled

  6. srivera1965

    First Brisket

    Good night, man!!!! That is a beautiful looking brisket!   The juices glistening, the purty smoke ring...oh man! What's the name of the meat market? I'm in Athens but may do a day trip out to May-retta one day real soon! Well done...(no pun intended)
  7. srivera1965

    1st smoked turkey for Ga - Fla game. GO DAWGS!!!

    Just saw tonight that Walmart's got Jennie-O's at .68 lb.....guess who's stocking up on turkeys!?!?!?!? 
  8. srivera1965

    1st smoked turkey for Ga - Fla game. GO DAWGS!!!

    Thank you all for the comments and input. I am looking forward to sharing more "smokin's" with you all. And I LOVE what some of you are doing as well! Lots of great ideas...LOVE this forum!
  9. srivera1965

    my first smoke with qview

    Beautiful....man, them ribs look GOOOOD! 
  10. srivera1965

    Looking for a source to purchase wood (Athens, Georgia area)

    Well, I ended up going to my local Academy Sports store and sure enough, they have huge bags of mini logs - pecan, mesquite and hickory for $10. Great buy. I bought a bag of hickory to smoke a turkey this past Sat and it was awesome. Thanks for the suggestions, folks!
  11. srivera1965

    1st smoked turkey for Ga - Fla game. GO DAWGS!!!

    Absolutely rbranstner! This was a trial run to see if I would be able to do one for Thanksgiving. It was my lovely bride's idea to try one out and we are sure glad I did. So we're definitely having smoked turkey for the holidays.Today, we're headed to my mom and dad's - mom's got london broil...
  12. srivera1965

    1st smoked turkey for Ga - Fla game. GO DAWGS!!!

    Well, it was close, but the gators took it from us. Dang tunrovers.... But ladies and gents...I give you pics of the final product! It came out wonderful! WHen the therm finally read 165 degrees @ around 5:30 pm, it was showtime! I let it rest for about 10 min before carving and I have to tell...
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  15. srivera1965

    1st smoked turkey for Ga - Fla game. GO DAWGS!!!

    Okaaaaay...we're at the halfway point, Tenn and SC are tied at 10 with 2:00 in the half. Here's what the bird looks like so far. I've estimated that it probably will be ready by 5:30-6pm, so I'm contemplating on tenting it with foil so it doesn't get TOO dark. I like a nice, mahagony color on my...
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