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    Flat bread chicken bacon ranch

    Hell ya! I’d eat that in a heart beat!
  2. sparks65

    Happy Easter Everyone Pic Heavy

    Killer lookin’ spread Richie. Ya had me right up to the yoysters
  3. sparks65

    From the wilds of BC Canada

    4hrs east? You must be right on the border with Al...Al...Alberta. Aka “The Dark Side”.
  4. sparks65

    Another pulled pork story.

    Smokin VOL. That’s the Mrs. infamous /famous “kale dorf salad. It’s a cross between coleslaw and a Waldorf salad. 2c ea kale and cabbage 1 diced apple Walnuts chopped Dried cranberries chopped Dried dates chopped Vinaigrette
  5. sparks65

    Another pulled pork story.

    I did 2 pork butts yesterday. 5 & 5.5 lb. Total smoking time, 7.5 hr @250 +*. My diy controller worked well up until the last hr. It read just a bit under the set point where as the pit was 10-12* above....fan ran all the time. I caught it at about 275*, but no harm done. Some fer dinner last...
  6. sparks65

    DIY temp control question

    Thanks for your response moto crash. The thing is the pid readout and the display on the Maverick were pretty much bang on right up till the last hour, then the variation. The thing is, when I calibrated it in the boiling water I had to adjust it 4 .7 points. When I put it in the smoker,right...
  7. sparks65

    DIY temp control question

    morning all. There’s a guy on YouTube from “Barley and Hops Brewing” that did a new video for setting up an Inkbirg pid controller. As I was smoking a pair of pork butts I thought this might be what I was looking for. I built a themp controller about a year ago but it never worked very well...
  8. sparks65

    Pastrami. Let’s try this again.

    The above pics were supposed to go with my preceding post. Just had a huge pain in the butt trying to post them. Post from an IPad as opposed to the regular pooter. Be that as it may. It was a damned good samich.
  9. sparks65


    1st crack @ pastrami. I asked the butcher for a 5 lb pcs of brisket. Don’t know what he did to it but it didn’t really resemble a brisket. Oh well onwards. I used “Meatheads” recipe for this cook. Soaked in brine with 2 tsp of instacure #1 for 8 days. Rinsed (with water change every e hr)...
  10. sparks65

    Roast beef question

    Morning all. I will be smoking 2 inside round roasts for Christmas. 3.75 lbs ea. Dry brined for 6-8 hr. Smoked on a Primo ceramic at 250*. I’m thinkin about 3 hr for an IT of 140*. Whatcha think? Thanks.
  11. sparks65

    Pork snausage

    ab canuck. when I click the upload file tab nothing happens. It used to take me to my photo file folder. I'm using a mac. I just noticed if I try this on an iPad it seems to work out fine. Darn strange.
  12. sparks65

    Pork snausage

    Bacon wrapped, cherry smoked pork snausage. 240* for about an hr. IT at 160*. A bit high but I wanted the bacon done. Served with caramelized onions, roasted peppers,sauerkraut and bar b que sauce. Good eats. Having a bit of a hard time trying to upload an image. When I click on the Image...
  13. sparks65

    Baisic pork butts

    Rings. If you truss deacon hunks( pork belly?) isn’t that prosciutto?
  14. sparks65

    Baisic pork butts

    Morning Brownies. That's the way they came from the butcher. I like the smaller butts as they usually cook faster. This 2 not so much. I'm not sure if the truss had anything to do with with it but they were supper moist.
  15. sparks65

    Baisic pork butts

    I did 2-4.5# pork butts yesterday. Pit temp was pretty constant @ 245*. Took a little over 10 hr to hit 198* (usually runs around 8 hr). They both stalled at 190 *, 8 hr in so I foiled. Plated with creamy slaw and jalapeño poppers. Pretty descent.
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