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  • hello al thanks for having me I have been smoking for about 10 yrs and just thought this would be fun thanks cal
    Hey Al
    I used to live in Fl. for about 15 long years and I used to love it and I knew all of Fl. any street even in the woods and beaches inl. all free and paid nude beaches and camp grounds etc. I miss this great warm weather the palm trees the peoples the beaches etc. Not sure if I ever met you as I met soooo many there.Anyway your looking great in the sun and so does your beautiful women/wife next to you
    Hello Al, I'm a new kid in town and tomorrow I will try my first smoking episode. I am single, so won't make a lot of either chicken or baby back ribs. Either way, I will only use one rack on my Masterbuilt Bullet smoker. It has a top and bottom rack and I am wondering which would be best to use.
    Hey Al, hope you can help me with a couple of problems
    that I'm having.
    Can you tell me how to quote someone in a post?
    Second one is how do you put in a link to another thread?
    Thank you Sir.
    Have not seen you in the forum in a while, hope all is Ok . Miss your great instructional posts.
    Would like to post a profile, but can't find where or how to do it. Help. jimpat
    Help! I just got a new electric Bradley Smoker for xmas early! Wanting to smoke and cook a 13# turkey after a simple brine. How long should I smoke, how long should I cook How hot in cabinet? All the receipes and ideas have me scared to death Dave Dave Dave
    SmokinAl How do I do a thread can't find a area that you do that cad03
    Thanks for the reply. When I sent you the PM one link said you were online, after I sent it another showed offline. I went ahead and seasoned them last night, they have been on since 5:30 this morning. Will post when done, thank again.
    Hey Al, sorry to bother you but I am going to smoke some Tenderloins for CB like Teez did. I have sent him a message and he has been very helpful but now have one question. I am going to rinse them soon, fry test and into fridge till morning. Do I put the final seasoning on while resting or just before they go to smoker.

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