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    Not my own Q, but darned good!!!

    Being in the BBQ capital of the world mediocre BBQ joints don't last long. Too many places to go that have good Q. That is outside of home brewed Q.
  2. smokeamotive

    Venison Neck Roast to die for..

    Never done a neck before! Gonna have to try it the next time I stick one!
  3. smokeamotive

    Need some Help again for Mrs Bear!!

    Prayers for a speedy recovery for Mrs Bear!
  4. smokeamotive


    That's good news Al! Prayers for a speedy recovery!
  5. smokeamotive

    Merry Christmas from the cardio unit

    Well crap Radio! First Bill now you! Prayers for A very speedy recovery! Hate to see you in the sick house for Christmas!
  6. smokeamotive

    Missouri Smoking

    Looks good! And :welcome1: from Lees Summit.
  7. smokeamotive

    Lions in London breaking in my new smoker.

    The Chiefs aren't doing much better this year! :icon_redface:
  8. smokeamotive

    Lions in London breaking in my new smoker.

    My Chiefs are beating up your Lions. But it's still early! :biggrin:
  9. smokeamotive

    "Eats" While My MES was out of action

    Bear, try mixing your deer burger 50/50 with Itailian sausage........Good stuff!!!:drool
  10. smokeamotive

    Snow @ The Bear Den!!

    Supposed to get up to 77 here in KC today! :sausage:
  11. smokeamotive

    Snow @ The Bear Den!!

    Had our biggest snow of the year last weekend....a grand total of 3" and 18 degs. This weekend it was 70 and glorious. Supposed to be in the 60's and 70's all week! :yahoo:
  12. smokeamotive

    How do I smoke my kielbasa

    Hey ya'll, haven't been on here in quite a while, ( life has it's demands) . Made up 10 lbs of Kielbasa yesterday but not sure how to smoke it. Should I smoke it till fully cooked or should I smoke it for a couple three hours and then finish it by poaching in water?
  13. smokeamotive

    Cut to make sausages?

    Pork Butt makes very good sausage. You can also use pork shoulder which is the cut just below the Butt. Both have a good fat ratio for making sausage.
  14. smokeamotive

    Mullberry for smoking?

    My neighbor just cut down a mullberry tree in his yard. Is this wood any good for smoking as it is a fruitwood? Haven't heard of anyone using it!
  15. smokeamotive

    Deep Dish Dutch Apple Pie with Filo Dough Crust

    Looks pretty tasty!! I made a peach pie once with Filo for the crust using peaches off my trees. It was wonderful!!!
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