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  1. papa chubby

    Cold Smoke Roast for how long?

    Thanks for the reply! I just didn't want to oversmoke it and jack up a couple of roasts.
  2. papa chubby

    Cold Smoke Roast for how long?

    I have a couple of 4 lb. chuck roasts that I was going to smoke for Christmas but, due to unforeseen circumstances, I won't have the time. Plan B is to cold smoke the roasts (local temp will be below freezing the whole time) tonight and then throw them in a crock pot (I know, blasphemy) first...
  3. papa chubby

    I need a ground beef jerky primer

    I've done tons of regular jerky and just ordered a gun for making jerky out of ground meat that should be here soon. I've been reading posts about ground jerky and have a couple of questions: My typical recipe has about 5 oz of liquid ingredients per pound of pre-dried meat. Probably overkill...
  4. papa chubby

    Pork Floss - anyone ever try it?

    http://taglicious.blogspot.com/2014/05/crispy-pork-floss.html Ran across something called pork floss on a website - sounds intriguing. It's typically an asian dish but I don't see why the ingredients couldn't be altered to make it more Q-like. Can be dried in a wok or, more easily, in a bread...
  5. papa chubby

    Can anything be done with these jalapenos?

    I made hot sauce out of about 3/4 of them and have the rest in the dehydrator for grinding into powder. ETA: I cut 'em in half to get more smoke on 'em.
  6. papa chubby

    Can anything be done with these jalapenos?

    They're rockin'!!
  7. photo (1).JPG

    photo (1).JPG

  8. papa chubby

    Homemade fillet table - anyone ever made one?

    With  all the kludgers on this board, surely there's some industrious souls out there home-making something like this as a smoking accouterment. Looks handy. Whaddya got?
  9. fillettable.jpg


  10. papa chubby

    Can anything be done with these jalapenos?

    Will do Dave. Thanks for the reply!! They could be Fresnos for all I know. What about the seeds?
  11. papa chubby

    Can anything be done with these jalapenos?

    A buddy of mine told me he had some and brought them to work. I was intending on cold smoking them and then dehydrating them but here's what I was given (at least 50 just like this - skin getting soft and dry veiny looking). Can they be saved? Could I blanch the skin off?  Advice needed!!
  12. photo.JPG


  13. What beats a full house?

    What beats a full house?

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