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    Am I missing something?

    In my horizontal I use lump in a charcoal basket as my fuel source. Then I will wrap 2 to 4 fist size chunks of hardwood, usually hickory, in heavy duty aluminum foil and poke a few holes in it. Then just throw it right on top of the burning lump. The smoke from each packet usually lasts for 30...
  2. ozark rt

    A cajun sunday lunch/ Crawfish etoufee.

    Man oh man how I long for a good etoufee. Or even just some good mud bugs. Around here all you can get are farm raised crawfish. I guess they are better than no crawfish at all but I sure do miss the ones we caught ourselves.
  3. ozark rt

    Roll Tide!

    Dang dude, sorry about where you're from but I do like your name lol. Welcome and woo pig sooie.
  4. ozark rt

    Mid week chicken with Jeff's rub 'n Silverwolf's sauce

    I'll take those 2 pieces down front on the right please. Looks good MT
  5. ozark rt

    Cheese filled squeef balls

    Oh well it seems I can't spell "dang" worth a darn either.
  6. ozark rt

    Cheese filled squeef balls

    Dand dude, that just made my mouth water.
  7. ozark rt

    Very good cajun spice

    I know what bon caca means. I'm guessing had Cheech & Chong been cajuns we would have heard that phrase a lot more. So how does this spice compare with Tony Chachere's?
  8. ozark rt

    How do you calibrate a thermometer?

    Wow. Thanks DDave. I've always thought my probes were a couple of degrees off but after checking that website it appears 210° is the boiling point of where I live.
  9. ozark rt


    That's a fact. If you can soak them in a brine for 2 to 3 hours it will help a lot to keep them moist.
  10. ozark rt

    What gage of extension cord.

    As long as you're not running the extension cord a long distance the 14 ga should be fine. In fact 14 ga should carry 15 amps, but if you're uncomfortable then go with 12 ga.
  11. ozark rt

    My first ABT with Qview

    Bamafan is right (never thought I'd hear those words from my mouth ) it seems like it doesn't matter how many you prepare it will never be enough.
  12. ozark rt

    The disease has begun

    Yep as rbranstner said you'll never ever go to the grocery with the same attitude as you once did. I will always wander over to look at the meat prices, rubs, marinades, etc. I have caught myself checking the freshness of jalapenos even when I'm not smoking any ABT's.
  13. ozark rt

    Question for you guys with smokers on your decks

    Whachu talkin bout Willis?
  14. ozark rt

    Question for you guys with smokers on your decks

    This is a most excellant idea. Thanks greechneb
  15. ozark rt

    Brining ribs

    Chisoxjim probably hit the nail on the head when he said they might have been the "enhanced" cryovac ribs. Someone in my family, who shall remain nameless, made this mistake one time and the results were exactly as you described.
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