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  1. napalm

    Brussel Sprouts

    ^^ +1 for the suggestion above^^ Bacon Wrapping them works fantastic and will help to keep the moisture in. Toss in butter before serving too - magical.
  2. napalm

    Grilled flank steak with artichokes & zucchini

    I'm with these guys ^ That looks like one of those kind of meals where you're already looking forward to having it in a Sandwich the next day as your still enjoying it for dinner. Fanstastic looking steak.
  3. napalm

    1st Pork Loin on the WSM with pics

    Looks like a great Loin there. Quite a long brine time, I don't normally go that long with a loin, do you feel it made a difference over perhaps just 15-20 hours?
  4. napalm

    Rare is not always good...

    Hope it all goes well for Azul, man. Best of luck.
  5. napalm

    Second Pulled Pork Shoulder

    Looks fantastic - now I'm hungry!
  6. napalm

    smoked chicken wings with a side of chicken breas

    Man they look tasty.
  7. napalm

    Country Gravy Recipe help

    Thanks very much everyone. Really appreciate the feedback. Looking forward to Breakfast on Monday - just wish I had time to cook some up before!
  8. napalm

    Country Gravy Recipe help

    Hi Guys, I'm having a real problem with getting a decent Sausage Country Gravy here in the UK. Online I can get around 3 servings for what works out to be about £14 ($22usd) which is a little bit rich for 6 cups of Gravy I've managed to get a recipe that lets me make my Biscuits for breakfast...
  9. napalm

    Pulled pork with.......... (help!)

    Thanks for the replies gents! I'll do as directed and see where it goes. Will post the Q-View tomorrow once it's all over. Really appreciate you taking the time to answer.
  10. napalm

    Pulled pork with.......... (help!)

    Hi all, I need help. Serious help. My good lady went and collected our meat from the butchers for a gatherings we are having tomorrow. Amongst this was a butt to do Pulled Pork with. PP is rarely heard of I'm these parts and our friends are looking forward to trying it. The problem is that...
  11. napalm

    Venison Jerky first try (With Q-VIEW)

    Looks great and probably about the dryness I'd have gone for. Is it brittle at all or still got some bend in it? 
  12. napalm

    Chili Cheese Fries (chips) W/QView

    Hi All, Well after I got such good advice from the good fellows here I thought I had better give it a go.  Bought some nice Maris Piper potatoes but then remembered I had some prior made, frozen "huge" chips done in my favourite beer batter, which might go well so got those out and will save...
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