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  1. mics

    costco wholesale trim package

    Hi folks,question to the more in the know folks here on the forum ,, seems here in wa,costco has given up on carrying  a whole rib. .now they sell only the  loin,baby back or st louis cut ribs in the crypac .. the outher day I went to the whole sale costco and in the meat cooler was the two ...
  2. mics

    new rotating grill,chickenmaster grills

    no problem,gene,thanks for recipes.hopefully i will hear something back from the guys who make them and i will update that info.
  3. mics

    new rotating grill,chickenmaster grills

     make huli huli chicken isnt a big thing. i just happened to come upon these grills and were wondering if anybody had seen or heard anything about them ,thanks mic
  4. mics

    new rotating grill,chickenmaster grills

    i sure most of what been said is true. i have a sause,its the bottle of huli huli  sause.my problem is that on the islands they use a grill that has the same rotating baskets that were made for half chickens,the racks rotate faster than normal  to keep from burning the chicken. i have done them...
  5. mics

    new rotating grill,chickenmaster grills

     I was looking for something to satisfy my cravings for huli huli chicken.since i cant buy one of the grills  from the islands,i strated looking for something on the  web that i might  make do.i found these grills.chickenmasters.lockable basket that rotates above charcoal. while not rocket...
  6. mics

    First tri tip is on!

    costco wholesale in fife here in washington has them in the cripton sealed bag. theres about 8-9 to a bag . runs about 50-70 bucks.pay by the pound. seems they are smaller than whats on the picture. but big enough for the wife and I.
  7. mics

    Loving my "STUFZ" Stuffed burger press Step by Step operation (w/Qview)

    so me being a sucker for gagets,or maybe good food ideas,i thought this was a cool ,very cool idea, found thier website and ordered.of course when i order, i always have to do X3, because if i dont i will hear from my 2 daughters. thanks for posting this
  8. mics

    am i confused

    thanks all,i will try the 2 birds and see which comes out the best. thanks to all who came back
  9. mics

    Hot Dog!!! w/ q-view

    thanks for the replie lugnutz
  10. mics

    Hot Dog!!! w/ q-view

    know this is alittle late but i was readying this thread and i dont understand. so heres the question,if the dogs are smoked why do you parboil them after.what does this do to the hotdog.
  11. mics

    Recipe Wanted - White Hot Dogs From Rochester New York

    how about a name or the company that made them from the info you got of the innernet. im guessing they wouldnt  be bockwurst would they?
  12. mics

    Good Day from SW Washington

    welcome,we should be getting ready to dry out now.lots of good folks here, enjoy
  13. mics

    Aloha from Big Island

    welcome to the forum.lots of peeps willing to help out us newbies
  14. mics

    am i confused

    once again all,thanks for the responeces.as some of you said,i will try alot of different things and see what works for us. mic
  15. mics

    am i confused

    thanks everyone,if im following correctly , brinning a bird would be the same as marinadding say a steak ?you would brin a bird then add your rubs or seasoning and then into the smoker.
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