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    Mushroom Ravioli W/Alfredo Sauce

    Richie, I would love the recipe you use for the mushroom filling if you care to share. Thanks
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    Prayers for Pops. UPDATED 1/22/20

    Thoughts and Prayers to Pop's and family.
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    GIVEAWAY for Inkbrid 150 feet Bluetooth bbq thermometer with 6 probes and Grill Mats

    This is really awesome. Thank you for having the contest and for the opportunity to win. Link
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    60-Day Dry-Aged Brisket, Here We Go..!

    That looks truly amazing.
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    Making Garlic & Herb Infused Olive Oil And Pepper Vinegar: Full Tutorial W/ Lotsa Pics

    I made this last night following your steps to the letter. I let it cool and then bottled and it came out great. I used some of it this morning to cook a small piece of pork shoulder I had and it has a nice garlic flavor. This will be part of the Christmas gift I give to the guys I work with...
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    Venison Snack Sticks

    Hello all, I had a great hunting season this year, I got 2 does and a buck (5 point). My best year ever and my hunting buddy got 2 does. So we took 5 deer off of the 20 acres we hunt! Anyway, I made 10 lbs of Cajun snack sticks and for the first time added High Temp Cheddar. I like to use 16mm...
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    Pork shoulder for sausage question

    Thanks, guys this is what I was thinking as well. The meat was never allowed to sit for very long and all safety precautions were followed. The counter was sanitized, Cutting board was sanitized, Knife was sanitized and I wore gloves. Now to find the damn grinder and stuffer.
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    Pork shoulder for sausage question

    Hello all, I have a question, last Sunday I was going to make some sausage, I had and shoulder thawed, deboned and cut up. I then realized I had no idea where my grinder and stuffer were (i recently had a flooded basement and everything got boxed up). Yeah, I should have thought of that first...
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    Bacon (fist smoke in a long time)

    Got the bacon all sliced up and ready for packaging. Link
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    Giveaway for Inkbird WIFI Sous Vide

    I would love to give this SV a try. Thanks for the chance.
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    Bacon (fist smoke in a long time)

    Thanks, Chris, Before I started making Bacon I spoke to Bearcarver and he gave me a warning I will pass along. Be warned, once you make your own bacon you will never want to buy it from a store again. It also makes going out for breakfast hard as their bacon will never compare to yours. Good...
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    Bacon (fist smoke in a long time)

    Hi all, I have not posted much lately as Life got busy. But I was almost out of bacon and you have to have your priorities right so bacon was made. I followed Bearcarvers Bacon (Extra Smokey) because you cannot go wrong with this step-by-step...
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    Shrimp and Sausage

    That looks incredible.
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