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  1. kcbluesnbbq

    Different approach to reverse-flow/ charcoal

    Looking good. I like the look. Kind of has an industrial refinery look. I have always wanted a gravity flow. Can't wait to see how well it works.
  2. kcbluesnbbq

    My First Reverse Flow Build - 125-Gallon Propane Tank (Plenty of Pics)

    Great build so far. On the air intake issue, maybe a plate under the basket. Kind of like a reverse flow plate. Run it back far enough to allow the air flow to curve up and into and across the fire. Don't know if this would work, but sounds good on paper.
  3. kcbluesnbbq

    Hello from Kansas City!

    Hello Chris, welcome to the forum. Always nice to see another Kansas Citian join.
  4. kcbluesnbbq

    Gino (eclipse31satx) from San Antonio originally from KC.

    Welcome to the forum. I know what you mean about KC BBQ. Whenever I travel the BBQ is just not quite like the KC style. You have come to the right place to learn and get info.
  5. kcbluesnbbq

    Started my first build

    Looking good. I used black stove paint on my fire box and high temp engine paint on the rest. Mine is a bright yellow fading in to dark red on the lower parts. I wanted something other than black all over.
  6. kcbluesnbbq

    Workin on new convertable smoker. 3 smokers in one.

    What a great idea. Excellent craftsmanship. You are doing a great job, or is that the students doing a great job? Looks great.
  7. kcbluesnbbq

    bbq conversion to a reverse flow

    I did the same as Bruno and built my firebox bigger after I finished converting my little brinkman pitmaster to a reverse flow. I got carried away doubled the size of the cook chamber. Here is a link to my build http://www.smokingmeatforums.com/t/98141/double-deluxe-pitmaster-mod  . This link...
  8. kcbluesnbbq

    Starting my first R. F. smoker .

    Looking great so far.  You must have a lot of time on your hands to weld all that. I been known to do stuff like that because my wife says I am cheap. Can't wait to see this come along. Keep up the good work.
  9. kcbluesnbbq

    newbie build using a 60g compressor tank

    Hi Ken, welcome. The nice thing about steel is you can always weld up your mistakes. Fit your lid and move your hinge holes to where you need them. Looks like you are off to a good start so far. Keep the progress and the pics coming.
  10. kcbluesnbbq

    Third Annual NAPA Autoparts Cook Off Houston Texas

    Congrats on the win and thanks for the pictures.
  11. kcbluesnbbq

    MO smokie pics of gear

    Welcome to the world of smoking. Now you have a bad habit that will just get worse. I am in Kansas City, glad to another Missorian onboard.
  12. kcbluesnbbq

    First smoke!!!! Q-View included.....

    The butts looked so good I could taste them with my eyes. Really surprised you had any leftover ribs. Excellent.
  13. kcbluesnbbq

    Reverse Flow for dummies

    Looks like you got a big enough tank for a good start on a giant smoker. Keep us posted on the progress. Oh yeah, welcome to the forum.
  14. kcbluesnbbq

    First reverse flow 500 gallon smoker build!

    Looking really great. I like that handle too! Yeah, where did you get those vents?
  15. kcbluesnbbq

    My 100 gallon reverse flow build

    Looks really awesome. I like the details you did put on it, the trim color on the doors and the bracing, to go with flames on the stack. Excellent craftsmanship. We just need to see some qview now.
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