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  1. justfish

    HELP!!!GOSM bad flame/huge ammount of creosote

    I posted a few weeks ago about a problem w/ my burner seemingly leaking some gas.  Now, the morning of one of my Christmas smokes, it gets worse. Eberything seemed then same while I smoked my pork butts, but then this morning, the flame turned into a long aimless orange flame  In about...
  2. justfish

    Flame coming out of GOSM gas line?

    Where my burner slips into the hard propane line...a good size flame has been coming out of the last few times I have used it.  Doesnt do it until about an hour or so into cooking. It still funtions, but the temp control is funky and I cant get above 300. Any idea?
  3. justfish

    How to presmoke a turkey?

    OK it's in and I'll finish it tonight. I'll probrably do it in the oven, but if I wanted to do the microwave, any idea on how long?
  4. justfish

    How to presmoke a turkey?

    I had plans on smoking a 12.5 lber on Christmas Eve morning, but the plans seemed to have changed, and I'm wondering if I could just smoke it today? Good news is the smoker is kicking right now w/ 2 butts in it and about to make a few fatties to join them. Bad news is turkey is still a little...
  5. justfish

    Need GOSM customer service number

    Awesome. Thanks, Ill call em tomorrow.
  6. justfish

    Need GOSM customer service number

    My ring that screws on tank on my regulator broke in half. I bought a new one from ACE Hardware, but cant get temp over 225, so its obviously not right. Need to get ahold of them to get a replacement................... Anyone give me the number? Google search turned up nada.......... Thanks!
  7. justfish

    My first tenderloin and rib smoke w/ pics

    Wow, thanks for all the compliments! The chicken was just dry rubbed w/ a rub my wife came up w/. They didnt just look good, it was the best chicken I ever had period.
  8. justfish

    My first tenderloin and rib smoke w/ pics

    Might be a little decieving, as I have had a Brinkman smoker for many years. I just never knew there was an art to this stuff. About once a year I loaded it up w/ stuff , got it hot and fought like heck to keep it that way. The food was good, but it usually took ALL DAY, and wasnt much fun...
  9. justfish

    Propane Smoker Modifications

    I'm new here, but thought I would make my 2nd post worthwhile. I just got a GOSM for my Bday, and while seasoning it, realized real quick that the smoke box had to go. Read a few post about coffee cans, ect, but had a 10" skillet sitting w/ my camping stuff that I tried. Fit like a champ and...
  10. justfish


    I am new here, although I have been reading for a few weeks. Just got a GOSM to replace my Brinkman Smoke&Grill I've had for the last few years. Only did a couple smokes a year, but have wanted to do it more. Did a pork loin on my Bday when I got it, and doing some salmon in a few minutes...
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