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  1. jcharpentier

    I found a satay(sate) Grill

    Being dutch Indonesian I love my Sate it is stainless steel http://img683.imageshack.us/img683/1535/satay.jpg http://img710.imageshack.us/img710/1316/satay1.jpg
  2. jcharpentier

    Stainless GOSM.......

    Looks good good luck .let us knowhoti allgoes now! :D
  3. jcharpentier

    Stainless GOSM.......

    I guess they are not packing them well .Hey let us know how it does
  4. jcharpentier

    Stainless GOSM.......

    I hope so too
  5. jcharpentier

    Stainless GOSM.......

    Hopefully they can get more
  6. jcharpentier

    Stainless GOSM.......

    I hope eveyrthing goes as planned .Let us know how you like it.Does it qualify for super saver by Amazon?
  7. jcharpentier

    Stainless GOSM.......

    At that price I might as well look at Cookshack .Anyone have one of the black Gosms from Amazon.com?
  8. jcharpentier

    New Raichlen book

    Hey thanks for the tip
  9. jcharpentier

    New Raichlen book

    that is a ringing endorsement for the Pastrami will have to try it . Also thanks for the tip on the preorder on the book
  10. jcharpentier

    Weber digital remote meat themometer

    let me know how the pyrex works please? good idea with the straw
  11. jcharpentier

    Turkey Trial Run

    sound like it all turned out well . I love practicing
  12. jcharpentier

    First time rib smoke + pork loin

    sounds good let us know how it works
  13. jcharpentier

    back beef ribs

    I generaly smoke these but tried indirect methods as in Raichlen 's Barbecue Bible and HTG it was much shorter and it was very good
  14. jcharpentier

    New Raichlen book

    The book is a must have for me too. I have to agree that Icould spend the money on meat bu,t I have learnded so much from Steven's books and I love ribs! :lol:
  15. jcharpentier

    New Raichlen book

    good points ! one good thing of living in Southern Cali is no need to put smokers in the garage. Bad point the most common lump is Mesquite
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