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  1. hambone1950

    Kingsford blue bag at lowe's

    Absolutely,ask for a manager. Sometimes you can get a lazy butt that doesn't want to help you but usually they can't wait to help you out. And like nygiant says , it's their policy to price match. Just be pleasant and you will get that deal.
  2. hambone1950

    little chief chicken

    sure you can smoke chicken thighs in that smoker. you are going to cook the meat to a good safe internal temp like 170-175 , right? canning and smoking is two different animals. the old recipes are the best ones when it comes to smoking meat.
  3. hambone1950

    Bear Jr's Backyard Project

    Well that's all that was missing. That is just splendiferous .
  4. hambone1950

    Small Garden in East Texas

    No kidding. I would need a snowmobile and a backhoe. :biggrin:
  5. hambone1950

    Sunday Brisket

    That looks excellent. Nice job. How'd it taste? :grilling_smilie:
  6. hambone1950

    Boston vs picnic

    I like the picnics also because the meat seems to shred better than pork butt. They both taste fine but I like the texture you get with the picnic. And the price of picnic being lower ...that is nice too.
  7. hambone1950

    Small Brisket

    What he said. :biggrin: Keep a close eye on it. A small brisket will cook quick.. Good luck with it.
  8. hambone1950

    Boneless Pork Butt

    Yes, I would tie that butt up with twine like you say. Get some rub in there and then bind it all together in a nice compact package. Good luck with it.
  9. hambone1950

    The turtle and the snails.

  10. hambone1950

    4.5 million...

    It's a huuuuuuge audience , but that is crazy money. And I donthink the ads have been that great the past couple years anyway.
  11. hambone1950

    Pot Roast

    so far , so good
  12. hambone1950

    Longhorns Restaurant BBQ Sauce

    it wouldn't surprise me at all that longhorn would use cattlemans. I mean , its a chain and they look for ease and consistency and for the people theyre serving , cattlemans is acceptable for the most part.... I guess it could be worse...
  13. hambone1950

    Sunday Brisket

    this is just me , but I would always choose a point to smoke. juicier, tastier , and more forgiving.... I would get a couple of small ones and do em up ! not greasy or mushy. don't worry. smoke em up ! they will be good.
  14. hambone1950

    What's you favorite pulled pork leftover dish?

    boy , there's a lot of good ideas in this post , but this right here is genius !     MAN! does that sound good.
  15. hambone1950

    Smoking Pork Necks

    I think your game plan is fine. No reason why a cajun marinade wouldn't be good. Post some pix when you do it. I've got some pork necks in the freezer and I want to smoke them and use them in meat sauce.....
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