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    Which A-MAZE-N product is right for me?

    Hi all, I'm hoping someone can help point me in the right direction. I have a Smoke Vault 24" in NE Ohio. I have no issue maintaining temps or creating smoke. The issues I have are the need to add more chunks every 30-45 minutes which produces more dirty smoke for 10 minutes until it thins out...
  2. endo129

    Master built Thermo temp vs Smoke Vault 24 in. Propane Gas Smoker

    I know I'm late to the party but I have a SV in NE Ohio and have had no issues holding temps in the middle of winter. Like everything else just know what to look for. Keep the smoke, airflow, and humidity constant and you'll be fine.
  3. endo129

    Timing from butt completion to eating

    That’s my standard. Make a big one and freeze. Quick easy meals any night of the week. Love making home made chipotle with it - kids crush it. Thanks for all the insight everyone. You all never disappoint! I gotta find out more about these fatties though.
  4. endo129

    Timing from butt completion to eating

    Hey ya’ll, Looking for a little expert advice, as I can’t decide which way to go. I’m smoking about 6 lbs or so of pulled pork to eat the first night on vacation Sunday night. Thought is, it’s an easy meal that can reheat slowly in the oven while we’re all unpacking at the house and what not...
  5. endo129

    Is It Safe (Would you eat it)?

    It was not cured. Wanted to brine for 7 days but due to lack of being able to get fresh ham in time and getting sick myself was unable. That parts on me. It was not injected. I knew it wouldn't be pink at least. Happy news is that the experts say it's safe to eat. That's all I was concerned...
  6. endo129

    Is It Safe (Would you eat it)?

    Just crossed the 140* mark a few minutes ago. In my haste and disappointment for this failure I was thinking 160* was the magic number for some reason. Since I got it over the 140* just inside 4 hours from the time I punctured the ham, I'm thinking I should be ok to still eat it. Still love...
  7. endo129

    Is It Safe (Would you eat it)?

    Merry Christmas everyone! Just looking for a little advice if anyone is trolling these pages on Christmas. I'm worried that I should just toss my Christmas ham but there are many variables so I want to get some advice. I'm not sure how this went terribly wrong. Had a recipe from a world class...
  8. endo129

    How to Get Longest Smoke from Smoke Vault

    Hey all, I'm going on two years with my smoke vault and tips from you all. One thing that still gets me is how to get longer smoke from my smoke vault. I have tried more chunks, covering in foil, moving the chip tray up off the burner a little all to no avail. My default method is 2-3 chunks...
  9. endo129

    Pork Butt Failure

    So, at my little girl's request, I smoked a butt on Thursday to make her favorite meal, but it turned out to be a disaster; my first complete failure on the smoker. Not long in to the smoke I noticed black liquid dripping on my deck. I looked under my SmokeVault 24" and saw this was dripping...
  10. endo129

    First Overnight Smoke on SV 24"

    Hey all, I think I'm about to try my first overnight smoke on my SV 24". I'm going to drop a 5# butt on there in hopes of having it for lunch the next day. I've been reading a little bit on here about others' experiences but thought I'd reach out to make sure my specific needs are answered by...
  11. endo129

    Started at 7AM, will my butt be done by 3PM?

    Looks like it was great! Wish I knew how you guys did it! I started a 4.88 lb butt at 7:00 am running around 255 (sometimes hotter sometimes cooler) on a smoke vault 24. I wrapped it at 160 around 4 upped it to 275 and was only at 167 by 4:30. I have never gotten one done on time in this...
  12. endo129

    First Time Makin' Bacon

    Similar yet pretty different. I think it was 1 t pink curing salt 1/4 cup brown sugar A lot of kosher ( can't remember how much) In the book it doesn't talk about skin or anything. Instructions were to rub it (I only did meat side) and sandwich it between two baking sheets (with parchment on...
  13. endo129

    First Time Makin' Bacon

    And by pretty tiny I mean water droplets sized and easy smaller. I strain to see them.
  14. endo129

    First Time Makin' Bacon

    It's from Michael Symon's book Carnivore. I don't know if you can see in that first pic but there appears to be a couple grey spots. Mold? It's been wrapped and n the fridge curing for a week and uncovered in the fridge since my post yesterday. I noticed the one grey spot when unwrapped...
  15. First Time Makin' Bacon

    First Time Makin' Bacon

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