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    snow/cold ..its a relative thing

    And here in S.E. Wisconsin I hoping for more snow.  I feel that if it si going to be cold, it might as well snow.  This freezing rail / ice is just crap!
  2. drewed

    Cheese dip

    sounds a lot like the beer dip I make, but has less cream cheese, frozen corn, and green onion - if I can find them.  I also tend to use a lager beer, or an ale, but that is because I don't like dark beers.
  3. drewed

    Maybe a simple question, I don't know...

    Just jam it in the grommet and it will read between both grates.  Find out what temp at that location work for your style of cooking and go with that.   I think we all get too hung up on the perfect location and the perfect tempature.  It doesn't matter what my probe reads, or where I have it...
  4. drewed

    Wood chips or lumps ?

    Chunks. I run a WSM 22 and chunks are what you want.  I have been know to use splits, and they work too, but chunks are easier.
  5. drewed

    Hunk of meat fail!!!!!

    Dirty Deeds?  You Shook Me All Night Long?  lol
  6. drewed

    Need some advice on "when" to smoke some pulled pork for Friday

    Two words - Finishing sauce.    But only add it the day that you are going to serve it.  Too soon and the acids can make mush.
  7. drewed

    Went all in on the mailbox mod.

    It should be ok, but I would want to run a hunk of thin aluminum the wood and where the mailbox sits.  Just a little bit more "thermal protection."   Be sure to seal that wood before outdoor use.
  8. drewed

    Designing my grill/smoker - Analysis Paralysis

    This is purely from a designer / builder stand point, but it applies to most projects, 1. Gather ideas and put them on paper.   - It looks like you have done this. 2. Make a semi - scale drawing to see if it will all fit like you think it will. 3. Start to source parts.  You might have a door...
  9. drewed

    Winter Smoking Help

    It almost sounds like wind was stealing your heat.  Coming in the bottom and blowing out the top.  You could try and make a wind block by wrapping foil between the legs?
  10. drewed

    Winter Smoke Temps?!?!?!?

    Typically the bigger problem is getting gasses down to temp, not up!   What do your flames look like?  Big and blue like on a stove or bunson burner, or small or yellow?  
  11. drewed

    Why is my Turkey Black?

    IF you can wipe (some) of the black off, then it is soot.   I'd try different pellets - make sure all the old pellets are out of there. Even if your grill says 200 and it is cooking at 350 it shouldn't burn a bird to black in an hour. Rather that goofing up a full bird - test with boneless...
  12. drewed

    Got a new custom Maverick Meat Probe in the works.... your prayers will be answered!

    This sounds great!  While I don't have a maverick, I do have a heatermeter which has full graphing and can run off of maverick probes.  Currently I use a thermoworks thermocouple and replacement probes.  I could run graphs of multiple probes at the same time.
  13. drewed

    How much to make for a party

    With extra food "buffet style" you should look at 1/3 lb pre-cook weight per person.  1/2 per person if you want a lot of leftover, or your are feeding a rugby team.
  14. drewed

    Butterball Boneless Turkey Roast Advice/Experience?

    Checking the Butterball website, they recommend using a crock pot and cooking it for like 9 hours!  It should cook like a very dense roast, so I would go on the lighter side of smoke, if you are going to run smoke the full time.  I'd head for more cherry and pecan over the hickory as that much...
  15. drewed

    Cold Smoke Problems !!

    I think you may have made your smokehouse too well.  I think it might be too tight. The "olden days" smoke houses were not made poorly, they were made drafty on purpose.  You might need some lower vents in your smoke house as well.  A row of holes at the bottom of the door, that can be blocked...
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