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  1. dennycieslinski

    Michigan members group own map, Where are you in Michigan?

    Went to Tech myself.   Its a great place to get an education.
  2. dennycieslinski

    Michigan members group own map, Where are you in Michigan?

    Yes,  I do kind of live in two different extremes. I live just off of US41 up north and down south.  Interestingly, the northern end of US41 ends in Copper Harbor, Mi and the southern end, ends in Key West, Fl.    And yes, it has been abnormally cool down here over the  last couple of weeks, but...
  3. dennycieslinski

    What do you Have??? Unusual Regional Food...

    Pasties!  They are served in all the local restuarants and there is not a grandmother in the whole pennisula that doesn't make them.  http://pasty.com/order.html
  4. dennycieslinski

    First Sauerkraut

    Noooo!!  I no longer spend my winters in Houghton!  I have not seen snow in four years.  Oh,   and I haven't missed it yet.
  5. dennycieslinski

    First Sauerkraut

    Now this brings back memories!! Every fall when I was growing up my parents would always take us to my grandparents farm to help harvest the cabbage and then spend a day making sourkraut.   The harvest would in most cases consist of a full trailer of cabbage which , in turn, would be shredded...
  6. dennycieslinski

    Sausge Caculator

    Oh, I almost forgot thanks for the spreadsheets!  They sure will come in handy.
  7. dennycieslinski

    Sausge Caculator

    For all of you out there that don't have the Excel software.  OpenOffice.org  offers free spreadsheet software that seems to work well with those spreadsheets of Duckybud's.
  8. dennycieslinski

    Am I the only one that trolls the supermarket for discounted meats?

    There must be something in the smoke?   I never did until I started smoking.  Now, just for something to do, I take a trip to the market, to check out the meat prices!
  9. dennycieslinski

    A Local's view of Tahiti (picture heavy)

    Very Interesting!  Loved viewing the photos. Thanks for the tour! Denny
  10. dennycieslinski

    My Grandpa needs some prayers.

    Your grandmother is in my prayers.  I hope everything works out for the best! Denny
  11. dennycieslinski

    Weekend brisket & burnt ends. Qview galore!

    MMMMmmmmmm,MMM!!   Sure looks delicious!!
  12. dennycieslinski

    Craigslist Slicer

    Great Find!!!!  Am I ever jealous!  :)
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