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  1. deer meat

    New Masonry build in-progress

    Any update on this project?
  2. deer meat

    My first try at bacon

    Where you guys getting your pork bellies from? I have been wanting to cure my own bacon for some time now.
  3. deer meat

    Snack Sticks - AC Legg 116 base with modifications

    I have been wanting to make snack sticks for a while now. I will be using this recipe for sure!
  4. deer meat

    How would this work for a smoker?

    My beer fridge recently died. Before I call the scrap man would this be any good for a smoker build? I know the racks would have to go but what about the glass door?
  5. deer meat

    Brick smoker - Compete how to

    Awesome work! I would love to build one of those someday!!
  6. deer meat

    A meatloaf kind of Saturday evening

    Looks awesome! Doing a meatloaf tomorrow. Been awhile since I had my smokers fired up. Looking forward to it!!
  7. deer meat

    Venison Ham rubbed with rendered lard.

    This is something I need to make. I have 2 deer in the freezer,and it has been to long since I did any smokin'
  8. deer meat

    Reheating pulled pork

    I plan on doing the crock pot re-heat method tomorrow with about 10# of pulled pork. I 'll let ya' know how it came out.
  9. deer meat

    Looky what I got

    I hear what you are sayin' about my little girl. I am not looking forward to the day when she brings a boy home, and he shouldn't be looking forward to it either.
  10. deer meat

    Looky what I got

    The trailer is my buddy's. He lives about an hour east of me in the mountains where they get much more snow.
  11. deer meat

    Looky what I got

    The reason for not cutting on it is, it is in nearly perfect shape for being almost 50 years old. And once I found out what it was worth my mind was made up to use it as a work station with cutting boards on it.
  12. deer meat

    Looky what I got

    This butcher block has been in the family for years, but nobody has ever used it. It has been sitting in a friends barn for about 10 years. The block is 32" x 60" x 18" thick, and weights 715#'s. When we bought our house I decided to put it to use. I will not be chopping meat on it. we will be...
  13. deer meat

    I got a big ol' Butt

    Willy, there is a chance there are 2 in the cryo pac! I will open it tomorrow to get it rubbed. I hope there are 2 in there, that will solve my problem.
  14. deer meat

    John Deere Casserole

    I darn near forgot about this recipe! Anyone tried it lately?
  15. deer meat

    I got a big ol' Butt

    My cousin recently got an account at a restaurant wholesale store. He picked me up a pork butt for $1.04 lb. I told him I needed between 18-20# for a smoke on Sunday. Well he came home with a 19.46# bone in Butt. After some quick rough calculatin' it would take around 29 hrs to smoke this bad...
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