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  1. dacfan

    Turkey thighs

    Its hard to mess up thighs, I'd go 175 degrees. Also Im jealous, I never find trays of turkey thighs. I'd love to make some with an Alabama white sauce. good luck and don't forget the pics.
  2. dacfan

    Buffalo Chicken?

    I have to ask, did the buffalo sauce overpower the smoke taste?
  3. dacfan

    First run

    Looks amazing, next time try cooking those chops to 145 degrees, you wont be disappointed.
  4. dacfan

    Mice in my smoker.

    get it as hot as you can and let it go for a long time, if you have a propane torch I'd probably hit it with that also. You have to make sure its sanitary. good luck to you.
  5. dacfan

    First Pellet Smoker and 1st Cook

    I just did a tray a thighs yesterday, I go 250 for aprox 45 minutes and they came out perfect, finished them with some Alabama white sauce. enjoy your yoder, ive been eyeballing them pretty hard myself but the boss told me I have to wear the one I have out first. lol
  6. dacfan

    Brisket Questions (hopefully advanced)

    Meat will absorb smoke till around 165 degrees, if your happy with the color though you could go ahead and wrap it.
  7. dacfan

    Yoder 640 Loaded & rolling!

    Looking good, are you keeping an eye on the brisket temp?
  8. dacfan

    My pastrami from corned beef

    Looks amazing, ive got a couple points i picked up cheap at Aldi's to do the same with. You've got my mouth watering. Great job!
  9. dacfan

    I have returned

    Glad to hear your doing well, I am also on low carb diet ( dirty keto), and I've lost 80lbs so far and I am happy to say I have reversed my diabetes. Ive found that salt, pepper and garlic are all you need on beef as seasoning. For pork and chicken i highly recommend Alabama white sauce, its...
  10. dacfan

    Sponsored Giveaway for Inkbird 150 feet Bluetooth signal barbecue thermometer IBT-4XS with 4 probes

    I will use this amazing product to help myself master this craft we call bbq here in Kentucky, USA!
  11. dacfan

    Does the thermometer increase the cook ... and through off the final temp?

    Since heat rises would the probe in the smoke stack not show hotter temps than the actual cooking great? You may have been cooking at cooler temps than you thought you were.
  12. dacfan

    Good place to buy lumber Jack pellets

    Rural King has lumberjack for 8.99 per 20lbs
  13. dacfan

    That's a lot of butt!

    I have to ask, how many hours did it take?
  14. dacfan

    first pulled pork this weekend....maybe a silly question

    I've done butt both ways and i cant tell any difference if moistness but the ones that are not foiled have a better bark.
  15. dacfan

    Camp chef

    How did you do the corn, i made some still in the husk and it was good. 
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