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  1. Co4ch D4ve

    Looking at getting into the world of stick burners

    I have a LSG 24x48 and love it. Great build quality and holds temps very well.
  2. Co4ch D4ve

    Proper way to cook Brats? Maybe?

    I smoke them for about 40 minutes then grill to brown.
  3. Co4ch D4ve

    Enchiladas Puerco Pibil

    Those look great Chile... big point!
  4. Co4ch D4ve

    Barbacoa (lots of pics)

    I love Barbacoa... and yours looks great. Check out my signature for my version, similar but different than yours. I’ll try your recipe for my next Barbacoa. Dave
  5. Co4ch D4ve

    Need a spicy cajun seasoning recommendation

    I’ve used Paul Prudhomme’s Blackened Redfish Magic on everything including steak, pork, and chicken. It is a staple at our house.
  6. Co4ch D4ve

    Pizza Fatty with a New Weave

    Thanks big turtle
  7. Co4ch D4ve

    Birthday Beef Tenderloin

    I’d take 19 again too! Thanks Chile
  8. Co4ch D4ve

    Birthday Beef Tenderloin

    Smokerjim, thanks! I told him the meal was all for him (but I think I enjoyed it just as much) Dave Thanks Steve Mark, I love tenderloin too. Thanks for the kind words.
  9. Co4ch D4ve

    Birthday Beef Tenderloin

    My son turned 19 yesterday and he requested Beef Tenderloin for his meal. So it was off to Costco and then fired up the smoker. Seasoned with some blackening spices and onto the offset (the small end was removed and used by the cook to, uh... check for doneness, yah, that’s my story) Ran it...
  10. Co4ch D4ve

    First time brisket burgers w pics

    Vol, That burger looks awesome! I bought 3 briskets from Kroger last week with a little grind on my mind for burgers too. Like for sure! Dave
  11. Co4ch D4ve

    Sweet Italian sausage.

    Braz, I smoke/grill my brats like you did your Italian sausage. I smoke them to temp and them finish them over the coals. Great snap to the skin, juicy with a great smoke flavor. Steve, I like your recipe for Italian sausage and will be trying it soon! Dave
  12. Co4ch D4ve

    Pizza Fatty with a New Weave

    Thanks flatbroke.... I like to think of it like it’s a Smoked Stromboli. Try it, I think you will like it and it is easy!
  13. Co4ch D4ve

    Pizza Fatty with a New Weave

    Thanks ab canuck!
  14. Co4ch D4ve

    Brisket sale!

    Kroger in Ohio has the same $1.99 sale right now.
  15. Co4ch D4ve

    Smoked Chicken Enchilada Casserole

    Really like this dish. Hold the olives and I’d for sure have seconds... who am I kidding... thirds! Point for sure. Dave
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