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    Review my techique

    That's awesome daveomak lol
  2. Burner76

    Review my techique

    I've taken briskets off the smoker at 185 and wrapt in towels dropped into the cooler and 6 hrs later it's turned to mush !! All the bark turned soft and basicly slid off the brisket. Best way in my opinion is to take the brisket off the smoker and using a thermapen checking the temp...wait...
  3. Burner76

    It's that time of the year again..Tamales!!

    Sure thing Chris.. I'll try and work that up for ya soon..about to be busy for a few hrs. Check back tomorrow for recipe steps ! Cheers
  4. Burner76

    Smoked onion bacon bombs !!

    Appreciate ya guys !! Cheers, Burner
  5. Burner76

    Smoked onion bacon bombs !!

    Enjoy Heatman !!! Cheers
  6. Burner76

    Smoked onion bacon bombs !!

    Appreciate ya Kruizer !! Cheers ..Burner
  7. Burner76

    It's that time of the year again..Tamales!!

    So every year around the holidays we make tamales for friends and family !! Green chili chicken.. Mexican red Spicey smoked pork ..to name a few !! Do you like tamales..what's your favorite ?
  8. Burner76

    Smoked onion bacon bombs !!

    So i was going through my bbq photos and came across these i had made a few years ago ... Pretty simple and easy to make and different ! Sorta have it all in a ball hahaha A meatloaf in the middle of a onion wrapt with bacon !!! Seriously what could go wrong !!!
  9. Burner76

    re-smoking a (pulled) pork shoulder which didnt get much smoke

    That's the thing with smoking meats over night while sleeping..Anything can go wrong at any time. Everybody loves smoked bbq but lately the fad is all these pellet smokers and such.. Load and leave and come back hrs later expecting to pull out a great piece of smoked goodness . But not...
  10. Burner76

    Smoked Cheese - Batch Number One of 2018: White Cheddar

    Damn Chris hahaha Jerry would beat the hell out of Tom to get to all that smoked cheese!! Looks great !! I haven't smoked cheese in about 6 or 7 years..idk ..but thanks for the view ...Most definitely going to smoke some cheese when the next cold front arrives this coming week.. I do remember...
  11. Burner76

    baby back ribs

    Ribs look nice and sticky.. Good job .. Noticed that mayo with them steak fries lol.. Cheers , Burner
  12. Burner76

    Review my techique

    I've been around a bbq pit my whole life .. Dad smoking briskets for little league games and so forth.. Then when i got older i became intrested in the bbq world. 1st...the quality of meat can make a huge difference.. It's becoming harder and harder to find a good whole brisket..butchers at...
  13. Burner76

    1st dino short ribs

    Excellent job on those beef ribs Kit ! I've never tried the method you used , I'll look into that more for sure..interesting . However the frame of 60 plus hrs ? Cheers !!
  14. Burner76

    Recent Ribs and pork loin

    Appreciate it Al...Cheers !
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