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    If you only had one book on BBQ

    My problem... I never could narrow it down to just one. I have 3 or 4 dozen cookbooks on smoking and grilling. I know... it's a sickness. :emoji_laughing: But, like others, I have found that books are static, but the forum is interactive and informative. You'll always find something new, fresh...
  2. bob-bqn

    Is there a best practice for running temperature probe lines?

    Care that I take for probe wires: Don't pinch them on metal parts of the pit of grill. Don't kink the wire, especially while straightening it out. Attempt to keep them as clean and dry as possible, prevent juices from dripping on them and use care when washing the probe. Keep away from the heat...
  3. bob-bqn

    Cutting Briskets in Half?

    A late suggestion, you can always separate the Point from the Flat and make Burnt Ends! No one that I know ever gets tired of eating them! I smoke multiple briskets (and butts) at a time and vacuum seal & freeze, because it's more economical with time and fuel on long cooks. Then I can smoke...
  4. bob-bqn

    Weekend Smorgasbord

    Guess I'm not up on the latest fads. I love bacon, and Oreos but don't know if I'd do that to them. You'll have to tell us more. The rest of your feast looks absolutely wonderful.
  5. bob-bqn

    Smoked Chicken Spanakopita

    We've used smoked chicken to make traditional pot pie which give them a better flavor. So I know that tasted as fantastic as it looks!
  6. bob-bqn

    Pizza dough wrapped fatty!

    Now that's a high-class Fatty, you went the extra step and it sorta made me think "Beef Wellington" for a sec! Looks like something I'd like to try.
  7. bob-bqn

    First Brisket w/Q-view

    Always love to see someone smoking brisket for the first time. Makes me remember way back when I did, without knowing much about it, and it keeps it fresh for us old-timers!   Still, not every brisket turns out exactly the way I hope, some of them critters are just plain ornery. Still it gets...
  8. bob-bqn

    Curve Up or Curve Down

    Same here....curve down. We had a discussion on another forum and started using letters of the alphabet to represent the rib bone --- u or n . I do mine "n" style.
  9. bob-bqn

    Smokin' in the Snow!

    Can't say that I miss the snow....that is a beautiful picture but just looking at it makes me cold.
  10. bob-bqn

    horizontal smoke with no outboard fire box!!

    With the fire at one end and the bird at the other, it will be necessary to rotate the bird while it cooks to promote even cooking and coloration. Otherwise the side towards the fire will burn and be overdone. When cooking poultry you want to remove it from the heat at least 5° before it...
  11. bob-bqn

    beef clod or shoulder looks interesting

    Joe since the clod was so big, and the thickness varied so much from end to end, we actually did several things with it. Some was chopped for sandwiches from the thin end as it was fall apart tender. Some was sliced for meals from the center area. And the large end was divided into 2 roasts...
  12. bob-bqn

    I'm Smokin' (Turkey, Chicken and Sausage)

    Man it sure looks delicious from where I'm sitting! :D I think you assesment is spot on. More items in the smoker cause the cooking time to be longer, the longer cooking time cause more moisture loss than usual and since the turkey is lean, there was no fat to keep it moist. I'm sure you'll...
  13. bob-bqn

    My first chickens - GOSM

    I noticed both of those right off and was wondering what king of "stack mod" you had made. :lol: I hope she got a few scraps. :D Those birds look fantastic, great coloring. 8)
  14. bob-bqn

    Persimmon wood

    In reviewing several documents from the Internet I've found persimmon wood to be an acceptable wood to smoke with. It is an edible fruit producing hardwood. But I have never used it. :( Here is one excerpt : Being a native Missourian, I also have to agree with you. Hickory is a little strong...
  15. bob-bqn

    Smokers and powder coat

    The coating on food grates (such as cast iron) is a porcelain coating. In fact the grills and smokers are also porcelain coated come to think of it.
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