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    In ground smoke house???

    Traditional smoke houses had dirt floors that were 12 to 36 below ground. The fire box was three or more feet away, far enough for the smoke to cool. There are a couple of YouTube videos showing how folks in NC smoke hams using traditional methods and smoke houses.
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    Hot Sauce 101

    If you eat those ghost peppers, you will be sitting in a cooler of ice. My no name ghost pepper sauce: About two cups ghost peppers A cup of apple cider vinegar A cup of molasses Liquify in blender, strain, simmer and reduce to about one cup.
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    Short ribs have good beefy flavor, but IMO need to be braised to be tender. I suppose that once braised you could smoke them, keeping the ribs in braising liquid of course. Short ribs, like many other cuts of beef were once cheap, but too many trendy chefs have pushed the price up.
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    Mass pepper drying

    I have dried various hot peppers in my gas oven, but now do it in my Weber kettle. If I want hickory smoke I throw in a few pieces of wood the last 30 minutes.
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    Cookin' up a storm!

    Sounds like a good weekend to whip up some huli huli chicken.
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    Charcoal In The AMNPS?

    An inch or two of A-MAZE-N dust mixed with the pellets will help keep it going. I have found lack of draft keeps the maze from staying lit. On the MES30, pull the pellet loader completely out.
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    Looking for a potato recipe

    Salt potatoes. Boil white fingerling potatoes in salted water (a cup of salt to 4 quarts water). When the potatoes are done, dump the boiling water and potatoes in a strainer. The desolved salt will flash off as a thin white coating on the hot potatoes. The fingerlings will have the correct...
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    Ref; Burt Reynolds RIP

    Long live the Bandit and chili dogs.
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    Bulk Slaw Shredder

    For eastern NC slaw, the kind that is served on pork bbq sandwiches, I use a mandolin and a kevlar glove. For more rustic slaw I slice and chop to the degree of courseness desired. With either method I can process 6 to 8 haeds of cabbage rather quickly. That is a lot of slaw. For commercial...
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    Slow Cooker Baked Beans

    Great way to do beans. I might throw in some hickory smoked bacon. Minus the beans, the sauce wouldmake a good mop for ribs.
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    Newbie in NC

    Welcome aboard.
  12. AllAces

    Experienced Chef looking to go out on his own.

    You will need a good lawyer, a good barber and a good bartender.
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    Deck Re-do @ The Bear Den

    Nice job. Thinking about replacing my decking with non-wood.
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    Flat Iron Roast

    First let me say, I did take photos but my card reader has stopped working. Pulled the roast at 160 internal and wrapped with foil. After dinner we sampled a burnt corner. Nice beefy flavor, tender with good chew, but not even a hint of the Trader Joe's salad dressing used as a marinate. We will...
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