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trouble with AMNS

By johnnyk, Jun 19, 2012 | |
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    I've had an amns for about 9 months. i can not keep it going when i use it in my MES. i have tried and tried. I have removed the chip loader and the chip box for better air flow, it still goes out. What can I do? i'm begininbg to think it's junk.

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  1. meatpacker
    I meant to ask what's the difference in he two ... I guess what's the "P" stand for
  2. meatpacker
    Why AMNPS for temps up to 275?  Why won't the AMNS work no matter the temp?
  3. wood chuck
    First time I used mine it went out ..I was in a hurry so just used the wood chips . I wanted to add some smoke to my turkey(Was going to smoke it through out but it was a big bird(14#) & didn't get it till yesterday & it never thawed out . I still wanted to have that smoke flavor so in the MES it went for 11/2 hrs. using the AMNPS then finished in the house in a Halogen Oven . Set it for 5hrs. checked in 4 & man it was falling off the bone. Could have used a bit more smoke . But was still pleased with it.
    I filled the AMNPS 1/2 full & had 90% or more left . I thought I could smother it by closing the top & putting the chip burner & loader back in place..No No No didn't go out .I had to sprinkle a little water on it . I ain't wasting them pellets . :~)
  4. double rr
    you could install an electric computer cooling fan , just a thought
  5. double rr
    i git the 18 tube works great you got to have good air flow and a good vent- plenty of oxygen is the key
  6. tjohnson
    AMNS for cold smoking and up to 180°
    AMNPS for cold smoking and temps up to 275°
    Did tthe OP ever got his AMNS working?
  7. jerry hines
    so what is a good choice for the masterbuilt 40.
  8. tjohnson
    The AMNS and AMNPS both work, when you follow the instructions
    Don't deviate from the instructions, until you have a few smokes under your belt
    Most of the time it's not started correctly, or there's a lack of oxygen available for combustion
    In some circumstances, they have issues burning at altitudes of 5,000+
    You can always drop me a PM or call me at work or my cell
    Work - (952)736-7678
    Cell - (952)412-0484
  9. stjoeguy1122
    I had problems with mine in the begining also. after contacting Todd I found out what I was doing wrong. I didn't pull out the chip try and chip loader. After I followed his advice it works like he said it would.
  10. russg
    I removed the chip tray and loader from the MES. I regulate the flow where the hoie from the chip loader went to about the size of a 50cent piece. Works great. Make sure it is going really well befor putting it in the smoker and "tent it". Best of luck