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Temperature Summary

By vortreker, Jan 12, 2012 | |
  1. I put this together and really find it useful in all aspects of cooking.



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  1. outlaw brand
    Helpful chart
  2. risenswine
    195 is not a good temp for brisket at 195 is when you should start to feel them by hand with i have had to take briskets all the way to 210 before the were done no two briskets ever cook to the same temp
  3. smokingvic
    Thanks for the nice chart , I tried to smoke a brisket and than some stand up chicken but could not get the temp. above 200 , i have a Char Griller 5050 with side firebox , any help on this will be appreciated .
  4. dakota don
    saved to doc. will be a big help. Thanks
  5. taoistgaucho
    excellent, i presume the stall zone is where you want to be for the majority of the smoke?
  6. godawgs
    very useful...nice work. Thank you.
  7. tommerr
    This is what I needed. First smoke coming up soom.
  8. rrhac
    Thanks for sharing.
    Will use it often.
  9. chilefarmer
    I like it, will be very useful. CF
  10. russg