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Smoking Log Template

By smokincotto, Jan 21, 2016 | |
  1. Over the years of grilling, barbequing and smoking I have often kept very rough notes of various details of my efforts for future reference (usually only the good results of course). However from Jeff Phillips’ excellent book Smoking Meat, I noted that he recommends Logging Your Smoking Sessions and that he has a template for his notes. In his book he did not give an example of his template so I went ahead and composed my own for my MES 40”. It seemed to do the trick for me and, importantly, provides me with histories of my failures (prompting me not to repeat them) as well as my successes. I am sharing it here in the knowledge that it is not all encompassing and can be greatly improved upon. But every project must start somewhere and I hope this will be of assistance to anyone who is like minded.

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  1. banjo63
    thanx, smokincotto!
  2. phonedrn8
    good idea....
  3. tristan26
    I am fairly new to smoking and take notes on everything. The type of rub, steps for brine's, smoke time and cook times on everything I have done....I think its a great idea