To keep things simple, and to respect the great cooks that belong to this forum, there are a few basic guidelines you should follow when posting recipes.

1. As much as possible, post original recipes.  We all have the ability to search the internet for recipes, and copy/paste, but when one of our members shares a personal recipe they have worked hard to perfect, it's really something special.   

2. Share as much Qview as possible.  This not only shows that you truly cooked your recipe, but it's also helpful to newbies to see exactly how things are done.

3. If you have a favorite recipe that isn't your original creation, feel free to post it.  However, please cite your source, and don't claim someone else's work as your own.  You can post a link, a cookbook title, or credit your Grandma; we don't mind, as long as you are clear about the source.  

4. Above all:  Happy Smoking!