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Great tool for removing rib membrane

By rvryder, Jun 21, 2013 | |
  1. An Oyster Shucker knife is really is the perfect tool for getting under the membrane.  Even the toughest membrane can be lifted for the grab and pull!

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  1. dennis waters
    I use a sharpened wood diol
  2. paulyd213
    needlenosed pliers work great
  3. jayce1971
    Vice-grips.  Clamp and tear.
  4. killerb468
     I use a fork to lift and paper towel to grab and pull. Comes right off
  5. forry
    I use a screwdriver
  6. smokinvegasbaby
    got an oyster knife will have to try it on my next batch of ribs. great tip!
  7. renegadebaconco
    Fish scaler or a tomato corer work amazingly
  8. jaxrmrjmr
    Once I used a pair of catfish skinners, I have used nothing else since. Just grab and pull. It comes right off in one piece.
  9. ken t
    sharp pointed knife n a paper towel
  10. frosty
    Great idea! Got no oyster knife, I use the back of a teaspoon most of the time.