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I looked for this recipe all over and could not find one so here is mine.

1. Got 12 big jalapenos from the local grocer.(Usually grow my own, but its December)

2. Washed each pepper.(Caution the fumes may make you sneeze) 

3. Cut off the stem end, slice vertically, then scoop out the seeds. (Caution fumes!)

4. Mix sausage with grated cheese. (Triple Cheddar from store, or any shredded cheese)

5. Stuff each 1/2 pepper with the mix of sausage, and cheese.

6. Wrap each with bacon. (Cheap thin bacon.)

   TIP:  Spread bacon thinner, and longer, with flat side of knife and cutting board, then use 1/2 on each jalapeno.

7. Bake in open at 350 degrees for 40-45 minutes. (OR) Smoke for 2 hours at 230, with hickory. 

I'll send finished picture later.