Been buying Austin BBQ for years now...

Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by centexcarnivore, May 25, 2008.

  1. And finally taking the plunge!

    Just assembled my Silver Smoker today and ran a couple fires through the box to get it seasoned. Did many of the mods mentioned throughout this forum... many thanks for the hours of great information located here. It has made taking this smokin' plunge all that much easier. I look forward to sharing ideas with Austin locals as well as the rest of you all out there. I grew up in Iowa so I have a soft spot for a slow cooked pig! So I do look forward trying my hand at a juicy butt roast.

    My first meat is going to be baby back ribs and halved chicken tomorrow, a dry run for Memorial Day feast. So please wish me luck.

    Couple of questions for the veterans if they happen onto this message:

    1). The breeze can swirl around my back yard. Does it matter which direction the firebox id facing? I am assuming it shouldn't matter since the stack is supposed to be the draw.

    2). My Silver Smoker chamber lid was wayyyy off on its bend. It had almost a full inch opening at bottom, when closed. I did some shaping myself and got it tighter but there is still gap there. Will that make a big difference?

    3). I can't wait to jump into brisket. Read on here that the temp to pull off pit was 185. I am assuming if you want moister meat you should pull sooner? I have a peer that suggests he pulls at 165 degrees. Can anyone clarify?

    All I have for now. Look forward to the BBQ future.

    Thanks! Centex Carnivore
  2. sumosmoke

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    CC - got a chance to chat with you tonight, it's nice to meet ya! We're definitely glad to have new and friendly folk, joinin' SMF!

    Look forward to your future posts and q-vue!! [​IMG]
  3. waysideranch

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    Centex, good luck. I always try to block the wind with something. You may have to use the garage or she to help block the wind. Swirling winds can make temps crazy. You will learn the moisture content you like with smoking experience. It's a great venture and great food along the way.
  4. cman95

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    If the wind is giving you fits a temporary fix is a lawn chair blocking the wind from firebox. As for the gap in lid, a temporary fix is al-foil rolled up and seal the gap. Later you can build windbreak and seal gap with furnace rope or something. Good luck.
  5. richtee

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    Welcome to SMF!
    Won't need luck if yer a member here- got real-time support!

    Face the pit either into or cross-ways with the wind. Even better block it and let the pit take what it wants, and not lose temps and fuel because of it. don't need to be "smoke-tight" If you have temp troubles, it might need a bit of tightning up, but I doubt it. wanna slice or pull? Flats are best for slicing, points for pulling. If you foil around 160 or so and rest in the foil at the 180 ish mark for 20-30 min...the meat will re-absorb some of the juice and it'll be fine. Plus you WILL be making a finishing sauce right?

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