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"STUFZ" Cordon Bleu

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I've been watching all of the great hamburgers that have been posted here and I must admit I was tempted to make some, but what really sold me on the "STUFZ" was the Cordon Bleu, I just had to try that.


I ground up a pound of chicken breasts, threw in a handful of croutons at the end to clean out the grinder and added a egg  to work as a binder with the bread crumbs, salt and pepper.


Next I made my Cordon Bleu gravy,

1 Tbs bacon fat

1 Tbs cornstarch

1 cup whipping cream

1/2 cup white wine

1 tsp paprika


I formed the bottom half and poured in a spoonful of the gravy, chopped ham and gruyere, added the top and into the fridge to firm up.


I heated up the Genesis to 400° and placed the burgers directly over the fire, let them cook for 8 minutes and then turned them over and left them for another 8 minutes, took them off at 165°.


I was afraid the burger would be dry so a added the gravy to both halves of the bun.


Here's my Q-view:


STUFZ Cordon Bleu 003.jpg


STUFZ Cordon Bleu 005.jpg


STUFZ Cordon Bleu 007.jpg


They were super easy and excellent, next time I will add lettuce and tomato.


Thanks for looking a my Q-view.



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 Hey Gene

These sound great but the pics are not visable and I would love to see them as I have been thining of doing something similar

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Thanks Scarbelly, I don't know why they aren't there, they were there last night, I'll try posting them again






I hope they post this time,





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Man those look great - I am going to work on something similar when I get back from next weeks trip in the motorhome -

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Did the chicken stay moist?


It looks outstandingly delish! Great thinking outside of the box!

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I don't know.  I think you'll need to send me a ticket to Tahiti so I can sample that myself before I give you too much credit.


Ok seriously, those look really good.  Nice work!

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I agree!  They look great, and I bet they taste even better!


That gravy is the bomb!


Aw yeah!

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Scarbelly, thanks, try 'em I think you'll like it.


JIRodriguez, kinda, not dry, not super moist, thanks.


Dude, tell ya what, you get here and I'll put you up, and then you can decide, ...thanks.


wntrlnd, thanks, they were delicious, the gravy just takes them over the top.


I will definitely make these again, also I'm going to try some with ground fish stuffed with sauteed bells and onions.



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I like it!

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