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Thanks Bear. this was almost like eating prime rib!! I don't know why I haven't tried this before today. Even the wife says this is on the regular menu!!  Going to borrow a friends slicer tomorrow to get it nice and thin for some sandwiches.



I'd like to see a pic of that too, if'n you don't mind.


I know, I'm a PITA, but that looks soooo good!


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Now, that is one fine looking chunk of meat.  I wish we had smell-a-vision.  That thundering noise you hear is some SMF'ers beating a path to your door to get some samples.  Here's some more for a job well done.  Now, where did I put those kaiser rolls??????

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That will make some righteous french dip sandwiches. I see those roasts on sale all the time but always scared to try one cause of the low fat content and stories about it being kinda tough and not juicy. You surely changed my thinking on that.

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That is one great lookig roast my friend. Great post too - Congrats

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All I can think is wheres the horseradish!! I like the king cut please

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