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Butts for Sunday's Sandwich Special

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Got some butts going today to serve up as special sandwich at my restaurant tomorrow. Used a rub I've been working on, smoked 'em with hickory with a bit of cherry thrown in. had a total of 3 boneless butts, around 24lbs total cut 'em up into 6 pieces so they fit better in the Brinkman. Spritzed with a 3-1 mix of apple juice & water. Gonna reheat tomorrow with some reserved juice & a bit of housemade sauce then top 'em off with a chipotle coleslaw. Here's a few pics

smokin butts.JPGButts ready to pull.JPG

I'll get some pics of the finished product and post tomorrow. Thanks to everybody here, I have gained a ton of great info here. BTW this will most likely be the last go for Mr Brinkman for a bit, the GOSM Big Block showed up yesterday and I'll be getting it ready for a test drive soon

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Where in Seattle is your restaurant?  PM me.  I have a friend in Tacoma who just loves BBQ. 

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Yea I would go to your restaurant if I were near Seattle. But you have some nice looking butts there. It's almost feel like I'm on the beach looking at all the beauties

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Dale we are just north of downtown Seattle - The Nickerson Street Saloon

At the moment we are running pulled pork sammies on Sundays and the smoked French dip on Fridays. Working on some other stuff. Thanks for asking!

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