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I had a few friends over for a crawdad boil last weekend...
set up an extra table on my patio...

heated some water with my old homemade cooker...

prepared some tatoes, corn, smoked sausage, onions, garlic and lemons...

made strawberry trifle...

made a batch of Hey Bud's smoked beans and a casserole.. smoked them in the Memphis Pro while I watched the boiling pot.

made a couple of salads...

heated my garlic bread in the Pro...

seasoned the pot with crawdad boil, onions, garlic, smoked sausage, lemons, and cayenne..

added the potatoes, then corn, crawdads and shrimp...

made garlic butter and cocktail sauce....

served with lots of garlic bread, napkins and cold beer...

It was kinda fun. :)

Thanks for looking! 
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You are my hero Cowgirl.  EXTRA Cold Beer!! 


Save the leftovers for a Cajun Fatty!

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WOW! really looks awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Great Job!

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Thank you Meatinc and Steve!  I wish I would have saved some crawdads for a fattie.. didn't think about it at the time. There was one baggie of leftovers and a friend took them home.  

There was plenty of extra cold beer on hand... lol  and lots of paper towels.  Most of us stood by the table and snacked.

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Goodness Gracious Girl----Looks fantastic----Are you sure you won't MARRY me!!!!! Inmate Bob

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No she's not marrying you!!! I already proposed My wife already said it was OK!!


Dang! Jeannie, that looks tasty.

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lol..... Thanks!


Gosh dang it Bob... how in the heck have you been?  Hope you are getting along well in the new house...  I see you're still an inmate. lol.


AK.... LOL   That was nice of your wife to ok the deal.


Thanks friends...

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Hmmm. I'll just sit here and eat my bologna sandwich. At least I got a cold beer. Looks awesome CG.

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It was KINDA fun??? Are you insane ??? That looks unbelieveable. Lets meet somewhere. I'll do my lobster boil again, you do the crawdads like that again. We'll charge $20 bucks a plate and clean up :-)

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That sure does look good, can get some of the left overs!!

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Meateater. I wouilda shared with ya.


Doug, sounds like a great plan!!


Bayou... if you lived closer I would have saved some for ya.



Thanks friends... I'm ready to do it again. lol

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wow! very impressive spread. you went all out and it looked fantastic!!!! thanks for sharing....

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awesome lookin table..........that's how to eat right!!!!!!!!!

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OMG! More boiled corn......


Fantastic job on the mudbug boil! Looks like you put alot of work into it.. Good work..

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You go girl! I don't eat them, but that is one nice spread. Thanks for sharing!

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First words came to mind------Holy Shiite !!!!!!


Then Amazing, Awesome, Unbelievable----Then my vocabulary was depleted!



Thanks for the GREAT view,


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Wow lotta work but what a payout!  Where do you get your midget lobsters? I can't find em local around here unless I dig em outta my creek and that could take all summer to get enuff for one cookout.

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Dang girl,

 Lookin like  a great boil!

 Only one problem, Ya got enough crawfish and shrimp there for  one or maybe two Cajuns if they both not real hungry. LOL

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Thanks Celtic, Rob, Pit, Squirrel and Bear!  It was a fun night...


Thank you Lugnutz.. the crawdads grow wild around here. I use the same traps to catch them as I do in my shrimp pond.. unfortunately I didn't have time to get any for this cookout, so I got them at the grocery store.


Eman.. I think you're right!  I coulda cooked a lot more. Thanks!

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Fantastic Spread Jeanie,  I love the Patio Kitchen too...


I want you to start telling all these wannabes hubbys that we are already ENGAGED...

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