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First chuck roast w/ some Q-View

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I am doing my first chuck roast today.  Planning on foiling at 165 then cooking to 205 for pulling.  Also put some ABTs: cream cheese, cheddar cheese, rub, onions, and chives.  Have some ribs on as well, plan on doing 3-2-1 method.  


Any advice on the chuck roast would be appreciated.


Also I am trying to put some Q-view on this thread, but I am having trouble getting the pictures to show.  The thread will only show the link to my photo bucket account.  Has anybody else had this problem?


Thanks Bearcarver, pictures below. 









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Try going direct, instead of using Photo Bucket.



This is easy---Even I can do it:




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Cool! One of those anti-gravity sideways smokers!  Looks good, chuckies and ABT's hard to go wrong there.

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Lookin' good Moose!


Those toothpicks seem to do a good job holding the ABTs on the shelf. Don't you have a place in your yard a little more flat?

Keeping the juice in the pan is the hard part.



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Now everything looks great so far. I'm sure you will pull off your favorite meal so far. Now I always use enough bacon to wrap the abt completely but then thats my way. Now it also sounds like you have your meal well under control with your plans so far. Now I just need to see the finished product. For your photos I also put them into photobucket and use the copy and paste and it works just fine for me but I'm old like Bear and that's the way I found out that works so I stick with it. You know the old dog and new tricks thing.

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Thanks for all your help, everything turn out great.  The chuck roast was really good.  There will defiantly be more chuckies in my smoker.  I had company show up and did not get a chance to take any more pictures.   Next time i will make sure i capture the entire process.   

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