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New to this..was given a single door stainless com.refrigerator .I have been reading like crazy but I just cant figure out how many BTU LP Burner I will need.....low pressure, high pressure 10,20,30 please help...
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How big is the freezer? I would go with a low pressure burner or if you go with a high pressure burner make sure you install an needle valve to really be able to tweak your flame. I have a high pressure turkey burner in my smoker and I am able to control my heat very well without using my needle valve. But then again it is a really big smoker.
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Yep we need a little more info

One of the folks around here has a formula for that but he will need the inside dimensions.

I use a side burner off of a BBQ and a valve to keep it low. The problem is you have to be very careful not to blow the fire out when closing the door or a slight breeze is around.

I like the propane, but if I have to do a long, low cook I move my propane burner out and put in my electric element and forget about worrying
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My cabnet looks about same size as yours....I dont think its all that important, wife says size matters..Ill pick it up tomorrow ,I believe its 3'x3'x6'tall........
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Post a picture

Post a picture of your new toy. How much did you have to pay for it?

I have been scavaging for something like that, but really dont have the room for something that big. I think mine is like 25 x 30 x 40
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Sorry no smoker yet I have to go Sunday with my son in his P/U....Price is 50.00 the lady said to just get it out,,,,but I know she can use the money and I think its fair.....I still dont know what to use for heat,,,Ive read every post and nothing deceive yet....
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i would recommend that you use a sentry valve on your application to keep the temperature steady. they can be found at the following link:

in order to get a steady amount of smoke, you will need a steady flame under your chip pan to keep it going. the sentry valve acts as a stand alone thermostat and it will slowly turn the flame up until it gets to its maximum until the desired temperature is reached. then it lowers the flame. its great. there is nothing else like it and its cheap. i have one on my GOSM big block and it works like a champ.

one thing though. it need a high pressure regulator (10 PSI) to work. i would also get a needle valve for fine control of the maximum flame.

that being said, i would get a 20000/25000 BTU burner. that is what i run in my GOSM big block. the sentry will get you up to your desired temperature and keep it there.

parts for your project can be found at

best of luck and please post pics of your project.
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Type of Burner

Omaha, Did you remove the GOSM valve? and are you using the GOSM burner or did you replace it?

I have been thinking that it may be a little safer (no blow outs) with a higher pressure, but have not had a chance to play with it.
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Sounds like a good set up.....I noticed the burners that are advertised (high pressure) do not list the BTU do you find that out......the size you have sounds like an all year round burner (I have a 30,00BTU one on my other conversion) and is great here in the midwest for smoking in all our cold weather.. Think I will go ahead and buy the necessary eqipment now to convert another smoker over to the idea of controled heat.....what is the termp. range that the Sentry Control has ???

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i use the sentry valve. not the GOSM valve. i bought a burner from bayou classic (the $16 high pressure one) and the sentry valve screws into the end of it. iusing the sentry valve, i can adjustthe temperature range from 180-275 degrees on my GOSM. using a larger cabinet or more ventilation will change that of course. you can get one of the bayou classic adjustable high pressure regulators and increase the output of the burner that way or go to their larger burner. either way, get a needle valve for fine control.
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Ok I finally have picked it up.....Its sweet was a freezer smoking size is 23"W 30"d, 5' H.....I think I need a 56,000 BTU burner,Low pressure regulater...and I plan on calling in AM, to confirm.....I have looked and looked and there is way to much speculation as to what is needed and I really only want to order once....please comment as I dont want to order again......oh ya I live i MI. so it is cold in winter but this is sweet and insulated with fiberglass insulation...I have to heat seal the seams, and plug some openings,,,,,,,,,I'm thinking $200 will get me a smoking.......YEEHA.....
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J tried ordering a Senty Control and unfortionately they have bee discontinued

I tried ordering a Sentry control and unfortunately it seems they have been discontinued....I looked at several places including Bayou Classics and it showed the same thing...guess that is the end of that project for me....!!!

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