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Smoked Stuffed Meatloaf w q/view!

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I got this idea from a couple responses on my last post. I decided to go crazy with the idea and stuff it with feta stuffed ABT's and some fresh mozzarella. Here is what I have so far........

Prepping everything

Stuffed Jalepenos

Bacon Wrapped

Fresh Mozz to top it off

All rolled up

Wrapping the meatloaf

On the smoker and ready to go!

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Give me a call when it's done...I'll be there.
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Anxiously awaiting the results. Looks good.
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Now thats thinking outside the box! points.giffor that creation!
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Well here are the results from this adventure, hope you like. . . .


A look inside

And here we have it plated up with some angel hair pasta w/herbs and fresh broccoli

Thanks for stoppin by and takin' a look!
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Looks great, nice job!
How well did the fillings work inside, looked tasty.
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Everything was INCREDIBLE. . . . I knew that the bacon wouldn't be done enough being that it was on the inside, so I just took it off when eating, but MAN those jalepenos gave an incredible flavor to the inside of the meat. Not to mention the melted feta and fresh mozzarella. I was pretty satisfied with the outcome of this one. It smoked for 2hrs 5 mins @ 275-300 and internal temp was 174 when removed.
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Very nice looking. Looks tasty as well. points.gif
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WOW that looks good, LOL not sure my Doc would agree though
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Man thate look good, certainly earned points.gifATB in a meatloaf
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Great looking fattie, like the ABT s in it...
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I was wondering if anyone was gonna call it a fattie. Thanks beer for calling it what it is. But it is a very nice fattie too I do like the japs on the inside too.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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I love it. We're always trying to put a little meat in the tiny casing a jalapeno offers, never though of inverting the equation and just putting the abt in a fattie.
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Looks great and held together very nicely! I'll have to try this. My wife is not a fan of sausage fatties, but loves my smoked meatloaf - this may be one of those compromises that they tell you to make when you get job, thanks for the idea.
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ditto here on the fatties. When the kids were little, they loved 'surprise meatloaf' because they never knew what the next piece held. Hard cooked eggs were a favorite 'surprise'.

Great job on the pics - points.gif for it looking as good as I'm sure it tasted.
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I'm gonna give this a shot this weekend. I'll probably do a different kind of cheese and skip the internal bacon, but I'll be playing around with your idea.

This is one of the best features of this site, lots and lots of out of the box ideas!
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Thanks for the compliment. . . . none better than to post something and have someone else try it out! Please let me know how it turns out icon_mrgreen.gif
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