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finally going to try pastrami

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Was at the store this weekend and they had corned beef briskets on sale for $1.49/lb, that is the cheapest I've seen so I got 2 of them. They expired today so I put them in the freezer and going to try one next week. Any problems with freezing a corned beef? The package said use or freeze by March 1st so I assumed it was ok to freeze but dont remember seeing anyone on here mention about freezing them. Thanks for any help.
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I have used frozen corned beef several times with no issues
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Should be fine....
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As the others said it should be fine that was a great buy we never see them that cheap around here.
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Thanks guys. I thought it would be ok but just thought I would ask.
Piney, if my wife had not been with me I would have got a lot more than just 2 ;) Might stop by on the way home and see if there are any left, plus they have pork shoulders on sale for 98 cents now!
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When thawing them I would suggest doing a "quick thaw" which is placing them (still in the package) in a bowl or bucket and fill with cold water then leave the water trickling for a few hours, the constant flow of trickling water will keep it flowing and at an acceptable temp.
Only reason I would suggest it is because today was the sell by date and you would be adding an extra few days if you thawed them in the fridge giving the meat more of a chance to think about turning, with the water they come out perfectly fine, a lot quicker AND is completely an acceptable way of thawing when it comes to safety regulations.
And good luck!
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Thanks for that tip Fire. I bought them on Saturday and the sell by date was Monday, so I had 2 days plus I was thinking that since it was brined wont that give you a few extra days? Either way I'll still do the quick thaw just to be safe, thanks I would not have thought about that.
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