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Brat question

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Hi all, does anyone have a base brat recipe that i could mix then add my different ingredients to like jap and cheddar, onion, or just cheddar for the kids. Any info would be great Thanks
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Crestliner welcome to the site.I cut and pasted your request
"brat recipe" in the sites search and came up with this link and many more .good luck there is nothing like brats you made yourself.Bill
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I also vote on Tytec's book but stay away from the andouille recipe with all them onions. I did that one and it's not real good.
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I am using pork butts. I have another question, do you all think i should use the soy protein concentrate or not. I am making them fresh so no cure. Thanks for any input.
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I use allot of Rytek's recipes and I use half the soy protein they call for.
I make large batches and it makes it easier to mix without a mixer
I now blend it in with the water and get even distribution.
the soy protein make your sausage hold the moisture and it keeps them plump
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