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Winter smoke?

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I have a 30 inch MES , was wondering if we can still smoke threw out the winter ? Just got mine in the spring so I have not had it during winter. If I can not smoke in the cold weather I will need to start stocking up my freezer with PP which I use alot of. thanks
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I live in northern Mi. where the average temp in the winter is about 20 degrees with the windchill about -25. And I have not had a problem with my MES at all using it in the winter.
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Yet anoher good reason we live in sunny FLORIDA there bucko.
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I have had zero problems smoking with my MES during the winter. Temps below freezing here most of the winter. Only tip will be to remove your controller and keep it indoors when not in use. Liquid Crystal displays dont like being frozen!
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People Do NOT LIVE in -25 Temps They Exist in -25 Temps.

If our average was 20 here in KC all winter I would move farther South. Luckly we only get that cold for a couple weeks each winter here...
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I use mine to smoke all year round. Last year I did a smoke with 3 inches of snow on the top of it. Just be careful with the control box, they don't seem to like the cold weather, and really don't like water.
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Thanks everyone, I'm ready to keep smoking during the winter months. Have my MES on the back porch--out of the weather, so I can smoke come rain or snow. icon_smile.gif
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I smoke year round in michigan. The wind is a far bigger issue than the cold in the winter.
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I don't have a MES. I have a cookshack and I smoke year around in North Dakota..................The cold weather cuts down on the
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Sure you can smoke all winter long. Depending on your layout you may have to take steps to shield your smoker from the wind, either placing it around your yard so that the wind is blocked, or construct some type of shielding. Also a good idea to rig up some form of additional insulation. Welding blankets work well, but a forum search will yield many other innovative solutions to allow smoking through the long cold days to come, including placing it in a shed or shop and ducting the smoke out.
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I go out and hunt geese in those temps just for the fun biggrin.gif Nothing like ice hanging off your eyebrows to wake up the senses. LOL Fortunately we only get negative 20's a few times a year.
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I got my MES ealier this year and I was wondering the same thing about the upcoming winter, but I see some of my fellow Michiganders have done the research for me. Thanks guys/gals.

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I used mine all last winter-not as cold in OK as further north (lowest temp maybe 5-10 above, in January) only problem I had was the recovery time when the door was opened too long. This was when it was 30 degrees or less. This is on a sheltered porch with a roof out of the wind.

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I leave mine out on the deck.  But I keep it covered when not in use.  I've discovered that one of the 55 gallon clear trash bags will easily slip on and cover the entire MES, including the feet.  That keeps the snow off of the controller and other parts when not in use.  I also have a small elastic cord that fits around it to make sure that the bad does not blow off -- proably over kill.



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20 degrees is the average high temp during our winters.  Common to see lows of 0 or single digits.  Minus temps usually hit in January and stick around for a few weeks.  Had a nice cold spell a couple years ago where the temp did not get above zero for nearly a month.  After that 10 degrees seemed pretty darn warm.


I am planning on sticking mine in the garage during the winter and rigging up a vent pipe for it.  Just waiting for Sam's Club to get more of the 40's in stock.  Been told they will have more in October.

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Originally Posted by Beer-B-Q View Post

People Do NOT LIVE in -25 Temps They Exist in -25 Temps.

Live, work and play... just use more caution so you don't freeze something vital.

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I have a 30" MES. Do I need to pre-heat longer and cook longer in cold weather? We're in the Kansas City area and get down in the 20's and below. I used it in 45 degrees last week and the meat wasn't done when I expected it to be. Do you all have shelters from the wind or do you just use it as usual? I did see about removing the control panel. We'll see if ours is removable and if not, try to insulate it.


Thanks, Clare

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