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.99/Pound Brisket at Kroger's

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Add in the Sunday paper for .99/Pound Untrimmed Briskets at Krogers. Limit 2. Going to pick up some tomorrow after work.
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Thats a heck of a buy wish we had a store around here
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no kidding, if they look good i would have whatever applies make a trip for you as well, wife,girlfriends,(make sure they dont meet), and anyone else you can get to go and grab their quota!!!
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Hot Dang, I would be in HOG (Whoops... Beef Heaven)
Can't pass on that, Winco appears to have stopped carrying packers and has cut them into smaller portions... Ifn memory serves me correctly... 2.98 a pound... Ridiculous in my book!

As said... get all your special ones in line for that!!!icon_lol.gif
aka Rocky
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Yes, I'd be all over that! I usually get mine from Sam's Club for $1.78 per pound. I'd be stocking up.
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Extended the sale until next Tuesday. Nice
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I went to Kroger in Eastern Ky and Brisket was 5.99 a pound, what a rip off. I did manage to pick up a couple choice cut chuck roasts that are just about ready to eat.
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5.99 a pound? Wow,,,must just be a local deal...They do this here very so often. Other place haz .97/pound Boston Butts....Too bad I have 120 pounds of crawfish ordered for Saturday.
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